Since the Pandemic a number of people have relied on Zoom, not just for work meetings, but also for Sunday gatherings. With congregations across America looking to protect its members from COVID 19, there have been a reliance on programs like Zoom to facilitate Sunday meetings.

I personally look forward to these Sunday meetings as it allows a way to still have somewhat of a Sunday gathering and worship. And it to me is just a joy to see that tech has been at the forefront of helping people get through this Pandemic. But the unfortunate thing about tech is that every now and then it suffers a glitch or an outage. And this is what we have now.

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A number of people waking up looking forward to their “new normal” Sunday gatherings were met with errors, issues, and not being able to connect. I myself experienced it and quickly began looking at my device as the issue. It wasn’t until someone posted asking if anyone else was experiencing issues that caused me to realize my computer wasn’t the issue. We soon were told of the issue. And it was then I looked to see that this was indeed a worldwide issue. Zoom is currently experiencing what they state is “degraded performance” that is resulting in a number of people unable to connect to meetings and webinars.

Unfortunately, this is not a good thing for both people relying on this today and the overall confidence in Zoom. Zoom already suffered from concerns by users of “zoombombing“, where someone can hack their way into a Zoom call and spam or use it to show inappropriate images and videos to the guest. This warrant fear of a lack of security by organizations and people using Zoom.¬† So this latest outage is not going to do Zoom any favors in keeping consumer confidence. And I have to think that churches and organizations will use this period to either look for an alternative, or at least a backup.

But there is one company that may be celebrating right now.

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