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Your zero calorie sweetener may be no better than the full calorie counterpart.

This is outside the norm of my articles as I normally talk about tech. But this hits at home because I am one who was surprised by this story. Your zero calorie sweetener may be no better than the full calorie counterpart.

Truvia, Splenda, and Equal are some of the latest items you will find on the sugar aisles. These are the products people seek when they want their snacks without the guilt. Unfortunately they may be just as damaging as the sugar in the white bag. Artificial sweeteners causes the body to process fat differently to get energy.

A study by the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University found that switching to zero calorie sweeteners did not prevent or slow down the negative effects of diabetes and obesity versus their full sugar counterpart. In fact they could cause more problems as people tend to eat more thinking they are better. This is cause for concern because the grocery stores are full of the zero sugar snacks and drinks. And even your GNCs, Vitamin Shoppes, and supplement companies have swapped out to one of these zero calorie sweeteners for taste.

This study highlights the importance of eating real food and cutting back on the junk. Zero calorie is not an excuse to still load up the diet on the same junk foods that are bad for us. Fresh fruits, vegetables, water, clean food are what should make up the majority of our diet, with sugary drinks and “healthy” candy bars eaten sparingly.


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