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   I follow a number of sites. One site I found right after the Batman v Superman Trailer 1 was Batman-News. I like to get information about news related to Batman movies and animation.

Something that has been a regular as of late is Zack Snyder putting out info about where he had planned for the films to go. Everything from how Justice League was going to lead into an Injustice like story and more. Now I am not going to lie I would have loved to see that (the InJustice Story arc).

The problem is that despite all the things that sounded cool Zack Snyder and DC failed to be able to put some of that to film. Look, the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman was arguably the best Batman fight scene ever put on film. Unfortunately we got less of that and more of a long drawn out story that contained heroes we were not familiar with. Batman was more of the Thomas Wayne Batman than the one we have come to know. What separated Batman from his villains was how close he would come to the line without crossing it. Yet Zack Snyder’s Batman had this disregard for life without an explanation why.

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   You throw in the motivation why Superman and Batman were at odds and the Riddler….Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and it was clear that DC really had issues. Now to be fair it was not just a Zack Snyder issue and he should not have been made the scapegoat. Suicide Squad was worse and Justice League was not able to capture the numbers that the studio had hoped. The reality is DC really took a nose dive.

Visually Zack Snyder is one of the best but he lacks in storytelling. What Marvel does well is fitting the directors around the story and not vice versa. If DC could have created a team where the writing and storytelling was handled by a different person combined with the visuals of a Zack Snyder then we could have had a different BvS. But as we stand both Batman v Superman and Justice League underperformed considering those were WB’s powerhouse films.

I do not feel Zack Snyder deserved to be the scapegoat considering all the other issues DC had that started with Man of Steel. But he was not without his fair share of blame. And as much as I would have loved to see Zack Snyder’s direction on film I think it would not have gotten as positive of a reaction that he may had hoped. DC and WB was trying to rush their universe to catch up with Marvel versus properly building their world. As a result they got the reactions they deserved.

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   DC and WB need to find a way to start fresh and build around their great collection of stories. This meant starting anew. Unfortunately this resulted in Zack Snyder being left out in the cold. As unfair as that may seem to him the reality is people are ready to move on and I think it is time he does the same. No matter how many petitions are signed and posts put out by Mr. Snyder, this will not change the past or get people a special Zack Snyder edition Justice League. In fact if history tell us anything it would say that the Zack Snyder cut may have been better than the theatrical version but it would not have been as great as it was hyped up to be. It would have only moved the score up a few points. But fans would still have felt it time for DC to start over.


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