I have been using Youtube TV for over six months now. Like many I had concerns about the server issues that plagued SlingTV, early in their start, as well as support. I was one who felt “comfortable” being able to call a Charter or Comcast rep for support. That was because I knew I would be able to talk to someone and get my issue resolved. But since adopting Youtube TV I have been preaching from the hills how much I love the service.

Let’s start with the cost. Now $40 may seem a little steep considering they started out at $35 per month and most people will still have to pay a company for high speed internet. Charter for the past few years have been changing the rates for internet to almost $70 a month. When asked about their price for speeds compared to a company like Google Fiber, the rep was quick to let me know that Fiber was not in my area. But it is that kind of service that initially led me to cutting the cord in the first place. Cable companies utilizing their built in monopoly to take advantage of customers. But back on track.

With the $40 service you get access to a variety of sports, news, movies, and entertainment channels. Also with local channels included along with a HDR, this has made catching up with shows a breeze. To add, the accessibility from your phone, tablet, computer, Chromebook, and Chromecast via WiFi or LTE makes staying up on your sports or shows easy no matter where you are (content availability may vary) .

Lastly customer service. I said at one time Google had better customer service than Apple. And they continue to show that with Youtube TV. Thankfully I haven’t had many issues but when I did early on they were easy to access and quick to respond. But as I said earlier I didn’t have too many issues early on. My main hang up was the fact that those on your family plan could use Youtube TV but they had to have been in the same area as the home location. This means for parents wanting to provide this for college students may have to provide them a separate subscription.

Those of you looking to cut the cord I highly recommend you check out Youtube TV. With a well rounded choice of channels and the HDR you will be getting what you pay for. Since using the service I have not encountered any of the early issues I encountered with SlingTV such as server failures and outages. In fact Youtube TV has been more consistent then my (Charter) Spectrum TV service. So for this service I am ready to call it a keeper.

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