Content creators are aware of the issues with Youtube, especially concerning how they handle flagging content. Youtube put out a video that attempted to do a better job explaining their strike system, and trying to make it easier for content creators to understand what Youtube looks for when they issue strikes. But now they have another issue on their hands that they need to control, and this is starting to cost them money.

Youtube started Youtube Kids to both promote their content for kids, and to set aside content that is safe and just for kids. Problem is that there have been reports of a  number of videos that have been far from safe. One such reported video, called the “Momo challenge”, pops up when a parent least expects it, and it encourages kids to harm themselves and others (ie turn on the stove when everyone is sleep or sticking a knife in an outlet).

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Youtube has denied that there are videos on their site that promotes the Momo challenge. But between that, and reports of Youtube kids being a haven for pedophiles, big name advertisers have decided to remove their ads. A big blow given the fact that Youtube has been going out of their way to go after certain content creators for controversial videos that Youtube was concerned will result in ads being pulled. And ironically the reason ads have been pulled now was because Youtube dropped the ball on policing the content on their kids platform. Which was magnified by the fact that hundreds of channels were ended, thousands on inappropriate comments removed, and commenting on millions of videos disabled, as a result of a story put out by Wired.

Youtube will not be able to catch every bit of content uploaded, parents are going to have to monitor the content that their kids are viewing, and teach their children what content is inappropriate. But more of Youtube’s people should be focused on the videos and comments in Youtube Kids, than (maybe) any of their other platforms. They (Youtube) have a responsibility to do more to monitor videos and comments directed for children.

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Youtube is going to have to figure out how to keep their kids platform safe for kids, and kids that view Youtube kids safe from pedophiles. And San Bruno is going to need to figure that out fast.

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