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Comcast went from top company to most hated

Comcast Xfinity at one time provided a solid service for customers with the customer service to back. A few years ago Xfinity was recorded by a customer who tried to cancel their service. Since then Xfinity has been on a slump and customers have reacted.

Inconsistent internet speeds, poor customer service, outrageous fees, those are experiences I remember pushing me toward cord cutting. Ever since then I have not looked back as streaming services continued to get better while cable providers try and combat the exodus from their services. And if you can’t beat them make it harder for people to enjoy them.

Customers getting their cable from streaming companies still need “big cable” companies for high speed internet. Thanks to cable companies practically having a monopoly on providing their cable service, there are few options for customers to turn. Xfinity is looking to take advantage of that by punishing…..”discouraging” customers from ditching their cable services for the competition.

Customers looking to take advantage of Comcast rolling out faster internet speeds will need to subscribe to their bundled package that includes cable. This move will encourage customers to subscribe to their bundled services and not just subscribe to their internet only package.

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It was a matter of when not if

People saw this coming miles a way. Companies like Comcast Xfinity and Charter did not get to where they were by playing “fair”. They control the switch and with that power they can influence customers’ decisions. Thanks to net neutrality being repealed this may open up more internet-cable providers to follow in the steps of Comcast to deal with the “disruptive” cord cutters.

This potentially will put customers in a situation to either continue to choose change or accept the status quo. This could either drive people back to accepting the outrageous cable bills and unwanted channel packages, or encourage innovation to provide services to continue to help push back against big cable.

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