Six years ago, Google experimented with Google Glass. It was a wearable device that provided information such as location, phone notifications, and more all in a heads up display. Google took many of the features from Google glass and incorporated it in future endeavors.

Fast forward 6 years later and we have a reasonably priced pair of glasses that use a lot of the same technology used in Google glass. But unlike google glass, these things are not an eyesore. They look like a normal pair of glasses, that are equipped with a laser that shoots information to where it feel like it is slightly ahead of you. And you can buy this device now.

Looking at a video of these glasses in action, I can’t help but imagine Google and Apple creating their own version that will work with their platforms. The limitation of the Focal North glasses could be corrected if the software were (better) integrated with a particular platform (ie Android or iOS).


Imagine Apple taking a pair of these glasses and it having the ability to integrate with iMessage, their fitness apps, and other Apple software. Customers could read and respond to messages without taking their phone out of their pockets. And you know Google will look to integrate these with their Assistant.

“Hey Google”…..

Whether it be about weather, direction, or just information in general, a person could get all that information in an instant.


Not many bought Google glass because of the cost. But if companies can bring the price to something more reasonable, these could be the perfect companion to the smartphone. Whether they be in the form of sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, this could be the next big wearable showcased at Best Buy and Carrier stores.

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