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    Cincinnati hung up 34 points against the Ravens Thursday night. Though the Ravens are not the same defense they were a few years ago, when they beat the niners in the superbowl, they are still a pretty solid defensive team. And they allowed 28 points to be scored on them in the first half of last night’s game. Uncharacteristic for a Ravens team that pride themselves on their defense.

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   Still they had an opportunity to come back after putting up a good fight in the second half. A costly fumble, caused by a strip sack of QB Joe Flacco, put an end to that. The Bengals secured the 34-23 victory and leader of the their division after two weeks.

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   Andy Dalton played well going 24 of 42, 265 yards passing, 0 turnovers, and throwing for 4 touchdowns. Three of those touchdowns were caught by wide receiver A.J. Green. One touchdown came after a costly hands to the face penalty called on Terrell Suggs.

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   It is still too early in the season with a lot of football left to play. But Cincinnati has to be feeling pretty good right now with their early start. If they can continue this momentum, fans may have something to cheer for come January.

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