Smartphones (and tech in general) are constantly evolving. Where android was at when I first picked it up (back during the Moto Droid) and where we are at now are just two different worlds.

At a time when the droid was considered bulky to the iPhone, we saw smartphones start to get into the phone wars that we are seeing now. And because of that it has ushered in tech at an alarming rate. The tech that our mid end phones have now are worlds better than the flagship phones a few years back.

As we continue to evolve I am wondering where we will be in a few years. With Google testing new software, it could change the smartphone world yet again. A software that can be ran on any phone (including iOS), computer, or tablet would open up the world to even more possibilities. It could open up to people buying devices strictly on hardware alone changing how companies stack up in the smartphone wars. But then again all this hope and excitement can go the way of many of Google’s projects where it gets killed off.

Not sure where we will be going, but I know that I look forward to seeing where this takes us.



Google’s Flutter

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