We are a few months from Google opening up the developer previews for Q. And I can’t wait to get playing with the latest of Google’s software. Google has been on pace to continue making Android the top software in smartphones since Marshmallow. Now as we approach the unnamed Q, there are a few things I want to see from Google.

Theme Manager

It is long overdue, Android phones have been rocking a theme manager since the HTC Hero, a Sprint phone released back in 2009. So to see it not baked into stock Android is disheartening. With smartphones getting more expensive, consumers are going to want to hold on to their phones a little longer. And a way to keep that phone feeling fresh is with a theme. It’s literally like giving your phone a fresh new paint job. Manufacturers like Samsung have a theme manager, now is time to see one come to stock Android.


The area that Apple continues to win over Android is with their text messaging app, especially with group messaging. Group messaging for Android is still all over the place, where it is more organized on the iPhones. Google has continued to make strides improving their app, but here is hoping they continue evolving Messages to be more like, if not better, than iMessage.

Android Fold

The new trend in smartphones and tablets may be these folding devices. With companies like Samsung and Huawei releasing folding devices this year, they are going to need the software to make these devices perform smooth. And Android Q will need to be the software that can bridge tablet mode with phone mode seamlessly. Android has the phone mode down, but its tablet mode that still needs more work.


After the embarrassing reviews of their first Chrome Tablet, the Pixelbook, Google had to go back to the drawing board to rethink the technology. Android Q will hopefully play much better with ChromeOS. Being the software is made by the same company, the integration should be much better than what we have now. Google will hopefully learn from what didn’t work, or they will abandon the project to focus on the emerging folding phone technology.


The talk of 5G have been at the forefront for the past two years with it picking up steam now. Even the President is talking about the tech. So Google will need to prepare their software for the new cellular technology on the horizon. There are a number of smartphone manufacturers releasing a 5G phone this year, so I’m expecting Q to have some tweaks for those devices.

What do you want to see in Q?

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