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DC’s Streaming Service and Exclusive Content

DC may have been struggling on the movie front but they have been still putting out some awesome stuff. On the tv front you have Black Lightning, arguably the best of the DC shows on the CW, Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. Krypton and Gotham are doing good themselves on their respective networks. On the comic book front they just wrapped up Dark Knight Metal and will be continuing the Doomsday Clock storyline. And though they are not doing as good as Marvel they still made money on their movie universe. So what better way to bring all their collection under one roof.

Welcome to the streaming age. Studios are looking at ways to capitalize on this new age by offering exclusive content via their streaming services. A move to compete with Netflix. For DC their streaming service will be called DC Universe.

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Exclusive Shows and Content

Scheduled to launch in 2019 they already have plans for a lineup of exclusive shows. A move to attract the attention of millennials who grew up loving the Teen Titans animation, we have Titans. This is the live action show that will feature members of the Teen Titans.  The other shows that will be exclusive will be Swamp Thing, Young Justice Outsiders, and Harley Quinn.

Fans have been begging for a continuation of the Young Justice storyline. A movement was started to encourage fans to constantly watch the show on Netflix to encourage DC to bring the show back. So it is to no surprise that DC would use Young Justice as the carrot to bring fans to their streaming service.


Added benefits and shows

It will be interesting to see if DC use their streaming service to host 90’s favorites like Static Shock, Batman TAS, Superman TAS, and other DC animated movies. Also if they allow subscribers to get exclusive early (free) access to newly released DC animated content as well as movies that are available for digital download, this service (depending on the price) will be worth it.

Netflix has become the blueprint for future streaming services. Question is will companies like DC and Disney (who is also working on a streaming service) be able to match or exceed what Netflix has to offer. The other concern with all these companies trying to offer a streaming service is will they cannibalize themselves. There is only so much money a household is willing to spend and this may leave a company out in the cold.

What do you want to see DC do with their streaming service, DC Universe.

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