How did we do?

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London Game: (3-4) Philadelphia Eagles v (3-4) Jacksonville Jaguars

I asked the question on which team was in the worst shape, and I said the Jaguars. Boy did I not know how right I was. To get arrested at a bar a day before a game is poor discipline. I am sure the story was heightened by the loss, but players can not put themselves in that position. Especially on a team that have nose dived since the beginning of the year. This is the kind of game that get people fired. Only saving grace (maybe) is that it was a close game and not a blow out. My have the Jags fallen, and they fell in this game 24-18.

Both I and DeeCee (picked Eagles) went to 1-0.

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(4-3) Baltimore Ravens v (4-2) Carolina Panthers

The top ranked defense in the NFL (Ravens) against the Panthers. I had the Ravens picked to win this game, and I have to admit I under estimated the Panthers. Sunday the Panther sent a message. Now I would like to point out that they had a few fumbles and mishaps go their way, but they took it to the Ravens. Final score, 36-21 Panthers. And DeeCee hasn’t stopped celebrating.

That moves DeeCee (Panthers) to 2-0 and I  (Ravens) 1-1.

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(3-4) New York Jets v (3-3) Chicago Bears

I didn’t have much to say during my prediction, and not much to say now. This was a game we expected the Bears to win and they did. Final score 24-10 Chicago.

DeeCee 3-0 (Bears) / PC747 2-1 (Bears)

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(3-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers v (4-3) Cincinnati Bengals

This game was a lot closer than many may have expected. But I felt that the Buccaneers could surprise the Bengals, and they almost did. Talk about upset, this game had all the makings of an upset. The Buccaneers just couldn’t capitalize. Final score 37-34 Bengals.

DeeCee 4-0 (Bengals) / PC747 3-1 (Bengals)

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(3-3) Seattle Seahawks v (3-3) Detroit Lions

I keep saying that if the Lions can be consistent, look out. And here is another game where you did not know which Lions team you were going to get. Many expected that because the Lions were at home, they would find a way to win this. But I was not ready to pick the Lions over the Seahawks because of their consistency. And that proved to work in my favor as the Seahawks won, 28-14.

DeeCee 4-1 (Lions) / PC747 4-1 (Seahawks)

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(3-4) Denver Broncos v (6-1) Kansas City Chiefs

Talk about an upset, the Chiefs almost got upset at home by the Broncos. This is one of those rivalry games that forces you to throw out the records. Denver played the Chiefs to the final tick, and you can bet other teams will be taking notes. Chiefs squeaked by 30-23

DeeCee 5-1 (Chiefs) / PC747 5-1 (Chiefs)

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(4-2) Washington Redskins v (1-6) New York Giants

I had pinned this game to show the Giants were done. They are already out of contention, and the only thing going right is Saquon Barkley. Well the one bright spot, Saquon, has given the Giants some hope on a player to build around. The Giants just need to shore up that line, and find another quarterback. Redskins took this one, 20-13.

DeeCee 6-1 (Redskins) / PC747 (Redskins) 6-1

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(2-4-1) Cleveland Browns v (3-2-1) Pittsburgh Steelers

Nope, this game did not tie or go into OT. The Steelers took care of business. They know they have some key games ahead, and could not lose to the Bengals. With the Ravens’ loss to the Panthers, the Steelers are back in the position they want to be. And that position is in the mix of the division crown. Steelers handled their business against the Browns, final score 33-18.

DeeCee (Steelers) 7-1 / PC747 (Steelers) 7-1

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(2-5) Indianapolis Colts v (1-5) Oakland Raiders

Raider fans are not happy. Right now, I wouldn’t wear a Chucky mask for Halloween this year. Things may get violent. This game was not close. Final score 42-28 Colts.

DeeCee (Colts) 8-1 / PC747 (Colts) 8-1

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(1-6) San Francisco 49ers v (1-6) Arizona Cardinals

Misery loves company, and it looks like the entire Bay area will be able to join each other in their misery. Next week we will have the misery bowl, Raiders v 49ers. My 49ers took the L 18-15.

DeeCee (49ers) 8-2 / PC747 (No Prediction) 8-1

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(3-2-1) Green Bay Packers v (7-0) Los Angeles Rams

The Packers played this game closer than I expected. If it was not for that fumble on the kick return by Ty Montgomery, Aaron Rogers may have engineered another miracle comeback. All he would have had to do was get the team into field goal range, and we may have been talking upset. Instead, the Rams squeaked by 29-27.

DeeCee (Rams) 9-2 / PC747 (Rams) 9-1

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Sunday Night Game: (5-1) New Orleans Saints v (4-2-1) Minnesota Vikings

The Saints marched right into Minnesota and took the W. The Saints, as I said before, may be the most dangerous team in the NFC. And they continue to show the nation what they are about. The only shinning spot for the Vikings this year is that the Packers are having another off year. Final score 30-20, Saints.

DeeCee (Saints) 10-2 / PC747 (Saints) 10-1

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Monday Night Game: (5-2) New England Patriots v (2-5) Buffalo Bills

We wrap this week up with New England winning on the road in Buffalo, 25-6.

And that moves this weeks final tally for us at DeeCee (Patriots) 11-2 and PC747 (Patriots) 11-1.

DeeCee end this week with an 85% score and I, who finally get a W on little bro, 92% score. It all came down to little bro showing kindness my way and choosing the 49ers. That literally was the difference in him winning and losing this week. I am sure he won’t make that mistake again. Or maybe it was intentional. Maybe he wanted to allow big bro a chance to finally get a win. No matter, I take this victory any way I can. Besides, some one has to win. My 49ers sure aren’t right now.



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