This is how we did with our week 7 predictions:


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London Game: Titans v Chargers

We both felt the Titans would go down to the Chargers, but we did not imagine it would have been that close. Some will criticize the coach of the Titans for not kicking the PAT. But I like that he played to win. Had it worked he would have been cheered for it, but unfortunately for the Titans it didn’t. And the Titans fell to the Chargers in London. Final score 20-19 Chargers. And both me and DC moved to 1-0 out of the box.

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Patriots v Bears

Another game that went down to the wire. The Bears made a game of it and wow what an amazing game. But the Pats are back with Brady having a weapon at the receiver position. Josh Gordon is a weapon that is going to make the Patriots a tough team to beat come playoff time. Final score 38-31 Patriots. Both Deecee and I (PC747) move to 2-0.

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Bills v Colts

I thought the Bills were a team that could really give teams fits. But the reality is they are just not that good of a team. The Colts took them to the woodshed beating them 37-5. I took the Bills in this game, but DeeCee wisely took the Colts. That moves him to 3-0 and I 2-1.

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Texans v Jags

At the start of this year I don’t think any of us would have picked the Texans to be in first place. The Jags came out the gate looking great, and the Texans not so much. But I had a soft spot for them and they proved to make a believer out of me. So congrats to the Texans for moving to first place in their division. Texans won 20-7, and that moved DeeCee to 4-0 and I 3-1.

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Lions v Dolphins

I felt that the Lions could win this game, but I didn’t know what Lions team would step up. Would it be the Lions team that dominated the Pats or the Lions that came into this game 2-3. Well it looks like the Lions that dominated the Pats showed up, and they beat the Dolphins 32-21. Both me and DeeCee took the Dolphins, and as a result moved to 3-2 (PC747) and 4-1 (DeeCee) respectively.

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Vikings v Jets

Neither of us thought the Vikings would struggle with the Jets, and they didn’t. Viking 37, Jets 17. Moving DeeCee to 5-1 and I 4-2.

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Panthers v Eagles

How about those Cardiac Cats?

I know DeeCee was feeling the nerves, as the Panthers were down 17-0 in the 3rd quarter. But they marched back and found a way to win 21-17 over the Eagles. Coach Pederson said afterwards that the pressure is no longer on them. I would beg the differ. To go from winning the superbowl to possibly missing the playoffs altogether is a lot to be concerned about. Anyway, DeeCee moves to 6-1 and I 5-2.

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Browns v Buccaneers

Browns and Buccaneers, this was another game that DeeCee and I were split on. He gave the slight edge to the Browns, sighting that he had more confidence in Mayfield over Winston. Thankfully I jumped off of the “Hard Knocks” Cleveland Browns bandwagon right on time. Buccaneers won 26-23. So that moves both me and DeeCee to 6-2.

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Saints v Ravens

The Saints high powered offense versus the Defense of the Ravens. This was a game that came down to a missed field goal with the Saints winning 24-23. And DeeCee and I moving to 7-2.

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Cowboys v Redskins

Skins, Cowboys in a rivalry game dated back to the 60s. In rivalry games, records go out of the window, but talent remains the defining factor. This year it is clear that the Redskins have the more talented team. But that did not keep the Cowboys from making a game of it. The Redskins survived 20-17 over the Cowboys, and DeeCee and I moved to 7-2.

Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 16.34.41

Rams v 49ers

Rams and Niners. I have turned blue in the face talking about the problems with my team. I have decided after this game to just remain silent. It is the only way to take a 39-10 loss to the Rams. DeeCee moves to 8-2 and I remain at 7-2 (no prediction for my team).

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Sunday Night Game: Bengals v Chiefs

I think it is safe to say the Chiefs are for real. Either they are for real or the Bengals are not that good. I am taking the for real choice, because they took a game we thought would be close and made it one sided. KC won 45-10 over the Bengals. DeeCee moves to 9-2 and I 8-2.

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Monday Night Game: Giants v Falcons

I know this is the NFL, and any team can be beaten. But I expected the Falcons to have won by a larger margin. I don’t know, maybe I have been trying to give them credit for being better than their record. We know the Giants are a mess, and have earned their record. Basically I am trying to determine whether to give credit to the Giants for playing a better game, or give blame to the Falcons for allowing this to be so close. But hey, maybe the Falcons are who they are, which is not a good football team this year. Falcons won this game at home 23-20. And that moves DeeCee to 9-2 and I 8-2.

Overall a much better week of predictions for us both. Since I removed myself from the Rams/49ers prediction I scored 8/10 (80%) , while DeeCee scored 9/11 (82%). So DeeCee wins by 2%, unless we take out his homer Panther pick and then we would be tied. But I can’t discredit a person willing to go down with his team, even if it means taking a loss. So when they do win, I have to give him the cred.


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