So how did things stack up for us this week based on the picks we made?

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In the first game, I chose Tampa Bay and DeeCee chose the Falcons. I had expected to see Tampa Bay right the ship against the Falcons. But lil brother called it right, Fitzmagic had faded and we got the same old Buccaneers. Atlanta took this game 34-29.  So out of my gate my brother starts of 1-0 and I (PC747) 0-1.

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In game 2 we both had the Bengals. Cincinnati had been looking solid this year, while the Steelers were trying to find their way. But this game is a nasty rivalry where the records are thrown out of the window. Plus the Steelers had the Bengal’s number the past few years. And they continued that streak winning 28-21. So after game #2 DeeCee moves to 1-1 and I (PC747) 0-2.

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Game #3 I chose the Browns because of my weak spot seeing them on Hard Knocks. My brother didn’t have that weak spot and was able to see this game more clear than I could. This game was not close at all with the Chargers winning 38-14. This moves DeeCee to 2-1 and I (PC747) 0-3.

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Game #4: The Texans hosted the Bills. Neither team will be competing for anything other than a high draft pick this board, with the Texans winning 20-13. DeeCee moves to 3-1 and I (PC747) 1-3. year. But I have a soft spot this year for the Texans. That soft spot helped me finally get one on the

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Game #5: The Bears took on the Dolphins, two surprise teams that jumped out of the gate early. This game went down to the wire with the Dolphins overcoming a (possible) game losing fumble in overtime. Dolphins won a nail-biter 31-28.  This moved DeeCee to 3-2 and I (PC747) 1-4, we both took the Bears to win this one.

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Game #6: Cardinals and Vikings. This is a game we both expected the Vikings to win. And the Vikings were able to take care of business, 27-17.  DeeCee 4-2 and I (PC747) 2-4.

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Game #7: The games of legends with teams not playing legendary as of late. I chose the Jets and my brother the Colts. I thought Sam Darnold would have the better game, and my brother Andrew Luck. This game ended up being a close game with the Jets winning 42-34. This moved DeeCee to 4-3 and I (PC747) 3-4.

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Game #8: The Seahawks and Raiders traveled overseas to play in the London game. I am sure both teams had to overcome jet lag and fatigue. But both of us felt the more talented team would win this, and that team being Seattle. The Raiders have fallen off of the wagon, and the frustration (for them) continues. The Seahawks took this one 27-3. DeeCee moves to 5-3 and I (PC747) 4-4.

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Game #9: Where I avoided wanting to predict the game for my team, my brother chose the “homer” pick. I respect that. Technically I am picking my team every week. I felt Washington had some fight in them, and was looking to get that taste of defeat out of their mouths, after losing to the Saints last week. This game was within a touchdown, but Washington won 23-17. DeeCee dropped to 5-4 and I (PC747) just tied this one up 5-4.

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Game #10: Rams and Broncos. The Rams are playing some good ball, and they will definitely be in the playoffs. But I thought the Broncos could pull off an upset. My brother went with the safe pick and that helped him pull back ahead. Rams won 23-20. DeeCee 6-4 and I (PC747) 5-5.

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Game #11: Wow, who would have saw this upset coming (other than Cowboy fans)? We both had the Jags picked to win this one.To our surprise the Cowboys dominated this game 40-7. DeeCee moves to 6-5 and I (PC747) 5-6.

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Game #12: I drunk the Titan kool-aid after listening to a local Tennessee radio station. After seeing how they played the Jags, I thought they may have been legit. Well they fooled both of us as the real Titans team showed back up. And the Ravens reminded us that they were the Ravens, they won this one easily 21-0. DeeCee 6-6 and I (PC747) 5-7.

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Game #13: The Chiefs were on a roll going undefeated into Foxboro. But they were up against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who added another weapon to the offense (Josh Gordon). We figured Josh Gordon would help take some of the pressure off of Gronk, and open up the Pats to do what they like to do, which is spread the ball around. And Bill is one of the best when it come to game planning. New England took this one at home, 43-40. And Tom Brady won his 200th game. Dee Cee moves to 7-6 and I (PC747) 6-7.

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Game#14: My niners did it to me yet again, they find ways to get my hopes high to crush them. To be up on the Packers in Green Bay was surprising. And I thought we could possibly pull off another win. But reality kicked in and I realized that we are a team with a lot of potential that need to fix our defense if we are ever going to be truly competitive. So this goes down as a losing week for my niners and my predictions. Packers won 33-30, and that moved DeeCee to 8-6 for the week and I 6-7.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.24.17 PM

Congrats to little bro on his predictions. Hopefully he grant me a chance for a rematch.



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