We are now 4 games in and teams will begin to start showing who they really are. We will also have teams on bye, getting a chance to rest and heal up for the rest of the season. So let’s get started.

(3-1) Tennessee travels to (1-3) Buffalo to take on the Bills. Two weeks in a row I picked against Tennessee, and twice they proved me wrong. We may have a pattern here. I see Tennessee winning this all the way. But Buffalo could steal this one. This is a trap game, as Tennessee could be looking past the Bills in preparation for the Ravens.

The (1-3) New York Football Giants take on (2-1)  Carolina coming off their bye. This is an easy pick. No need to go over their stories. Carolina coming fresh off the bye playing at home against a struggling Giants team. I’m taking Carolina.

(3-1) Miami takes on the (3-1) Bengals in Cincinnati. The Bengals have been on the winning end of a couple of close games. Their last game against the Falcons, in Atlanta, came down to overtime. Miami, on the other hand, came off a humbling defeat to the Patriots. This game could be the game that defines these teams position in the conference. I think Cincinnati’s offense will be the difference in this game, I going with the Bengals.

Talking about trap games, (3-1) Baltimore travels to Cleveland to take on the 1-2-1 Browns. This is a game where Cleveland could actually steal one. They have the game at home against a division rival, and they could easily catch the Ravens looking ahead to Tennessee. I think the Browns will give the Ravens a scare, but will not be able to pull it off in the end. I am taking the Ravens.

(2-1-1) Green Bay will travel to Detroit to take on the (1-3) Lions. The Lions are a few plays away from being at least 3-1. A few late games did not go their way, and they are 1-3 because of it. Looking at their record, and the fact Green Bay have Aaron Rogers, it should be a “no-brainer” pick for Green Bay. But the Packers are also a play or two away from looking at a different season. They could easily be going in this game 1-2-1 or 1-3. I picked Detroit last week and paid for it. I am wavering with this pick, but will give Detroit another try. I am taking Detroit.

(3-1) Jacksonville will take on (4-0) Kansas City. Everyone I talk to about Kansas City are expecting them to eventually nose dive. They point to the fact that Andy Reid coached teams seem to always do well early, and then fall off the wagon toward the latter part of the season. Personally, I think they have something going in Kansas City. Rookie quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is playing solid. Analysts are comparing him to the gunslinger himself, Brett Favre. And he is surrounded by several play makers on the offense. But they will get to test how good their offense really is against the Jacksonville defense. The same defense that frustrated Tom Brady a few weeks ago. I look for Jacksonville’s defense to throw out some different looks, hoping to force the rookie quarterback into making some mistakes. Andy Reid will have prepared and will have a game plan for that. I have Kansas City in this one. But I must admit, I have a feeling Jacksonville’s defense is going to make me pay for that pick.

(2-2) Denver Broncos take on (1-3) New York Jets. Even though this will be in New Jersey, I do not think it will matter. Denver should easily walk out with this win.

(1-3) Atlanta Falcons travel to Pittsburgh to take on the (1-2-1) Steelers. Both teams are in need of a win. This is the game that can be a turning point for either team. Lose this game, and playoff hopes could be done. But win and it could be the momentum shift they needed. With all the talent Atlanta have at receiver, they should be able to move the ball on Pittsburgh. I am going to take Atlanta for the second week in a row. We’ll see if they deliver me a win this time.

(1-3) Oakland Raiders take on the (2-2) LA Chargers. John Gruden came off of his first win last week with the Raiders. Last week’s win was needed to quiet the murmurs about the whether John Gruden should have stayed in the booth. With the team giving up Khalil Mack, who is having a great season so far in Chicago, and David Carr struggling on offense, Raider nation started questioning the decisions going on in the front office. Now they go into LA where they will be playing their division rival. For Oakland, if they can have success on the ground running the ball, they could open up some opportunities down field. I see David Carr’s struggles continuing in this game, and LA will get the win at home.

(1-2-1) Minnesota Vikings take on the (2-2) Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. This is a good match up, in a game that could change each teams trajectory. With the loss, Minnesota will slip further out of contention for their division. The Viking have not been able to get much going on the ground, and that is putting a lot of pressure on the defense and the passing game. Because of that I am liking the Eagles in this game.

(0-4) Arizona Cardinals travel to Santa Clara to take on the (1-3) San Francisco 49ers. I won’t be predicting this game as I have a bias toward the 49ers. As a long time 49ers’ fan, I pick the niners every week. But neither team is looking good this year. For the Cardinal’s, they are trying to prepare the future. But my niners, even before the Jimmy G injury, have been making some egregious errors on defense. Part of it is discipline, and the other feels like coaching. We are going to have to get that defense right. Buy week 4 we shouldn’t still be getting out of position and giving up big plays. If we continue with the defensive struggles, I am going to wonder if it is time to look for another defensive coordinator.

(4-0) LA Rams take on the (2-2) Seattle Seahawks. The 12th man will be in full force looking to disrupt the Rams offense. But being this is a division game, Jared Goff have been through that before. Plus, the Rams are just playing good football on all sides of the ball. I am taking the Rams in this one.

(2-2) Dallas Cowboys travel to Houston to take on the (1-3) Texans. The battle of Texas will be the Sunday Night game this week. Both teams are coming off of wins, as well as dealing with their own personal struggles on offense. Dallas is fielding questions about Dez Bryant, as a result of their struggles at receiver. Despite all that, I expect Dallas to continue their winning streak against the Texans. I’m taking the Cowboys.

(2-1) Washington Redskins travel to the “Big Easy” to take on the (3-1) Saints. The Monday Night Football crew will be traveling to New Orleans to cover this key matchup. The Redskins are having a solid start thanks to both the arm of Alex Smith, and the two back combination of Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson. Currently leading their division, Washington will look to continue the momentum. And they will have to deal with New Orleans’ own high powered offense, led by Drew Brees and running back Alvin Kamara. This game could come down to who have the ball last. That said, I am picking New Orleans at home.


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