October football is here and this was a frightful week for some. I just barely made it to a winning record this week. The Saints win was the win I needed to go 7-6. Let’s talk about how I did.

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I picked Tennessee to win, but was concerned they might get caught looking ahead. And that was what happened as Buffalo managed to upset Tennessee, 13-12.

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This game gave me a scare, I for sure thought Carolina would blow this one. Thankfully they were able to get by on the leg of Graham Gano, who kicked a 63 yd game winner. Final score, 33-31 Carolina.

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Miami hung in there and played a solid game. I remember looking at the ticker, and thinking I picked the wrong team. Thankfully Cincinnati managed to pull it off, 27-17.

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I so wanted to pick the Browns in this game, but thought the Ravens would pull through with the better talent. I said the Browns would give them the scare, and that is what happened. Except that scare resulted in a loss for Baltimore, Final score 12-9.

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How about those Lions. I am still not sure whether to chalk this win up to a good Lions team, or to criticize the Packers?
Yeah the kicker struggled to make his kicks, but it was just his week. It seems like every week someone is struggling for the Packers. The trajectory of that comeback win sent them spiraling down, and the Bears spiraling up. Who would have thought that would have been the case, I wouldn’t have. Final score,31-23 Lions.

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Is it better to have a good defense or a good offense, well KC answered that question with a big win. Plus it did not help that Blake Bortles kept turning the ball over. The only positive that Jacksonville may take out of this week is that the Titans lost as well. KC goes to 5-0 with the final score of 30-14.

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I had picked Denver to easily walk out with this win, unfortunately the opposite happened. The Jets lit up the scoreboard in Denver. Final score, 34-16 Jets.

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By the end of the first quarter I knew I bet on the wrong team. Wow, that Falcons defense is really struggling. I know they are dealing with some injuries, but this is the kind of loss that kills the morale of a team and a fanbase. Not a good showing on the part of the Falcons. Steelers won this one easily, 41-17.

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“(singing) San Diego, superchargers, SAN DIEGO SUPERCHARGERS”.
The struggles of David Carr and the Raiders continue. The Chargers move to 3-2 with their big win over the Raiders. Final score, 26-10. For the Raiders, the talk about Gruden will continue.

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Another close game that did not go in my favor. I had the Super Bowl Champs taking this game at home. The Eagles are going to have to find their running game, or they will not be repeating this year. Final score, 23-21 Vikings.

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As a niner fan I am just so frustrated with our defense right now. And I can only think of one way to fix it. Our defense is not discipline or competitive. This is disheartening for a team who was picked to be this year’s sleeper team. Yeah, we are a sleeper alright, our defense always seem to be sleeping on the job. Frustrated niner’s fan here. Final score of our defeat, 28-18 Arizona.

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From one NFC West match up to another. The Seahawks almost pulled this one out. I was sweating having picked against the 12th man, and I almost paid for it. Thankfully LA was able to pull this one out 33-31.

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As frustrated as I am with my niners, I know Dallas fans are feeling the same about their Cowboys. They are really needing another player to step up. To run both their running game and passing game through Ezekiel Elliott is a plan that is showing a bunch of holes. Zeke is doing everything he can do, but he needs help. Jerry Jones need to get Zeke and Dak some receiver help. Man, I should have picked the Texans in this game. I didn’t, and they snuck out with one. They won the heart of Texas with a final score of 19-16.

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The Saints came through on Monday Night. With the return of Mark Ingram to the lineup, the Saints may be the team to beat in the NFC. They have a two headed running game with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, and they are led by Drew Brees.
Speaking of Drew Brees, he passed Peyton Manning’s record for all time passing yards (72,103). And is 4th in career passing TDs at 499. Drew Brees had a career night in a game they won 43-19 over the Redskins.


This past week was full of a few surprises. Browns surprised me by beating the Ravens, I finally picked the Titans only for them to get upset by Buffalo. At 2-3, questions are surfacing whether the Eagles could possibly end up missing the playoffs this year. Falcons fans are just frustrated period, as that defense has some holes that teams are exposing. My niners are continuing their excellent (*sarcasm) play on the defensive side of the ball. And KC and the Rams are still trucking along undefeated.

Wow, this has been one exciting season so far. If you are a fan of parity, then you are seeing that happen this year. Teams that were once great are struggling, while teams that once struggled are playing great. And all that can change on any given sunday, at any given time.

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