(W)  Dolphins v Pats Prediction

I called the Patriots to win the game, but I thought the game would have been close. Nope, the Patriots blew the Dolphins out of the water. Pats won, 38-7.

(L)  Eagles v Titans Prediction

Twice I picked against the Titans, and twice they made me look bad. The Titans took down the Super Bowl Champion Eagles 26-23. In two weeks we will see the Titans take on the Ravens, and if they can beat them and Buffalo next week, the will be 6-1. Mike Vrabel is doing a good job with that defense over there in Tennessee. That Belichick coaching tree is making waves this season.

(L) Bengals v Falcons Prediction

Another close home loss for the Falcons. I had the Falcons beating the Bengals, as I felt the Falcons would have been able to get the home win. At 1-3 in the NFC South, Falcon fans are definitely sweating right now. They are not in panic mode, but they are needing to see a W next week. Bengals won, 37-36.

(W) Buccaneers v Bears Prediction

The Bears just dominated the Buccaneers. I picked Tampa to lose but not that bad. The Bears are looking like a team that will make a run. They have a defense and a QB that can do enough. Right now they are leading their division over the Packers. Bears fans have to be ecstatic right now. I know they are not ready to get too excited just yet, but wow does that team look solid. Bears won, 48-10.

(L) Lions v Cowboys Prediction

The Lions looked good against the Pats two weeks ago, and I felt they could ride that momentum into Dallas. It was a close game that the Lions were not able to win. But they are a bounce a way from being a solid team. If they can stay on this trajectory, they will be a tough team next year. Cowboys won, 26-24.

(W) Bills v Packers Prediction

I expected the Packers to bounce back and win this game, and they did. They managed to shut out the Bills, 22-0.

(W) Texans v Colts Prediction

I wanted so bad for the Texans to get one on the board last week, so I chose them against my better judgement. Thankfully the Texans came through with the win against the Colts, 37-34.

(W) Jets v Jaguars Prediction

Jags had no problem taking down the Jets at home, as I expected. Jags won, 31-12.

(W) Seahawks v Cardinals Prediction

I took Seattle to win this one on the road against Arizona. And they managed to do just that. Seattle won, 20-17.

(L) Browns v Raiders Prediction

The Raiders got one on the board. I picked the Browns to win this one, but they lost in a close game that went into OT. Raiders won, 45-42.

(No prediction for this game)

I don’t know how the other 49er fans are feeling, but this niner fan is about ready to pack it in. I am still “Faithful” in my team, but I took down some of the flags to get ready for next year. I will still watch, cheer for them, and rep my team. I just almost expect them to lose now, so it don’t feel so bad when it happens. So my niners took a L, in a game in which we led at the half. Final score, 29-27.

(W) Saints v Giants Prediction

The Saints marched into New York and marched out with a win. This was a no-brainer pick for me, as the Giants are not the team they were a few years ago. They are not going to be able to “flip the switch”, like they did in the past. They can try, but it’s looking like the electric has been cut off. Saints won, 33-18.

(L) Ravens v Steelers Prediction

Sunday Night Football, lights were bright, but the Steelers could not pull it off. The Ravens won, 26-14.

(W) Chiefs v Broncos Prediction

On the brightest stage, Patrick Mahomes played a good game on the road against the Broncos. With the win, the Chiefs go 4-0 into next week, where they host the Jags. A pretty good start for the Chiefs. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to keep it up. Chiefs took down the Broncos, 27-23.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 6.06.33 PM.png

(8-5) Week 4 Predictions

A better week for me for week 4. I’ll take 8-5. Hopefully I can continue this trend. We shall see when I post my picks for week 5 tomorrow.


My week 4 predictions.

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