Week 3 has been a horrible week for me. All of my sports teams lost by a lot. APSU, UT, and my 49ers. Oh and my picks, yeah …..not so good.

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Saints v Falcons: L

I thought for sure ATL would have taken this game at home. It was a home game, and they had to have it. These are the games that could make or break a season. Yeah it’s still early. But the NFC South is competitive. Even Tampa Bay is looking good early in the season. So the Falcons letting this game slip through their finger at home may prove costly. I chose the Falcons, and both me and the Falcons suffered a L. Final score: 43-37 Saints.

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Broncos v Ravens: L

I took Denver in this game, betting on Case Keenum. But I did not give enough respect toward the Ravens’ offense, and they made me pay for that one. As they were just able to do enough to get the W. Final score, 27-14 Ravens.

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Bengals v Panthers: L

The battle of the cats was won by the black panther. I didn’t think Devin Funchess would step it up this week, and I was proven wrong yet again. My bro was definitely happy with that win. So congratulations to both him and his Panthers. Final score, 31-21 Panthers.

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Giants v Texans: W

I actually got this one right. I felt this would be a close game and that the Giants would pull one out on the road. So here is my first win. Final score, 27-22 Giants.

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Titans v Jags: L

I am sure I wasn’t the only one expecting the Jags to blow out the Titans. The Jags had just came off of a game where the defense frustrated Brady. And the Titans do not (quite) have a Brady-like QB yet. But the game actually turned into a defensive battle, with both defenses preventing a td. The game came down to the field goal kickers, and Ryan Succop’s leg won this one for the Titans. Final score, 9-6 Titans.

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49ers v Chiefs: No prediction

This game went exactly how I predicted, niners getting embarrassed early. Patrick Mahomes had a career day against the niner’s defense. Between penalties and mental errors, the game got out of hand early. Had this been Madden, we would have hit the reset button a long time ago. For the niners, not only did we lose the game, but we also lost Jimmy G for the season. Wow….who would have thought our season would have been gloom this early in the year. Final score, 38-27 Chiefs (and the niners loss of a quarterback for they year).

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Raiders v Dolphins: W

Both bay area teams are having a bad start. The Raiders are trying hard for a win. They keep getting close, only to have it not be enough. This is when you imagine Gruden wishing he stayed in the booth. Now he is being second guessed and over analyzed. And if they do not start winning soon, he may find himself back in the booth doing his own second guessing and over analyzing. Final score, 28-20 Dolphins.

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Bills v Vikings: L

I should have went for another team going 1-1-1. I really thought going in the Vikings were the better team. The Bills were 0-2. And the Vikings, on both sides of the ball, were looking good. But this is the NFL, and every team has talent. And every game can come down to a bounce, or even just the other team matching up well. In this case, the Bills had the Vikings’ number. No one expected this to be a blow out. Final score, 27-6 Bills.

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Colts v Eagles: W

Welcome back Carson Wentz. Quite the time to be back. A home game against the Colts. And the Eagles walked out with the W. Final score, 20-16 Eagles.

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Packers v Redskins: L

I told the story about how Aaron Rogers sat in the green room while Alex Smith went first to the 49ers. And the 49ers have been watching Aaron Rogers make history, while Alex Smith became the journeyman game manager. Well the game manager had something to say to both me and Aaron Rogers. Can you say, 220 yards and 2 touchdowns to match Adrian Peterson’s 120 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. Two players, Alex Smith and Adrian  Peterson, had something to prove, and they were playing like it. Final score, 31-17 Redskins.

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Chargers V Rams: W

Though I was rooting for the Chargers, I picked the Rams. St Lou……the LA Rams are just red hot, and they continued that streak last night against Minnesota. The Rams are back in LA, and they are back to being a dominant force in the NFL. A solid defense anchored by Aaron Donald. But also on that defensive line is a very quiet Ndamukong Suh, someone that has helped eat of some of those blockers. Sean McVay really turned this team around. I remember watching them a few years ago when they were on Amazon’s All or Nothing. To see this team turn around like that is simply amazing. Final score, 35-23 Rams.

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Bears v Cardinals: W

A close one, but I’ll take the win nevertheless. Bears are chipping little by little getting those small victories when they can. If they can keep this up, they will be hanging around come late in the season. Final score, 16-14 Bears

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Cowboys v Seahawks: W

I put my chips in on the 12th man, and they delivered. Seattle continues to be a tough place to play. It is hard to simulate just how much of an impact that stadiums has on a game. And they ( the 12th man) helped the Seahawks take down “America’s Team”. Final score, 24-13 Seahawks.

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Patriots v Lions: L

Patriots just came off of a loss to the Jags, and what better way to get back on track than to visit the Lions?

Well that was my thinking, and I thought wrong. Detroit did an excellent job playing the Patriots. Their Defense made it hard on Brady to do anything on offense. And Detroit’s offense held on the ball putting long drives together. Matt Patrica showed the NFL the blueprint to beating the Patriots. And that involved keeping Tom Brady on the sideline watching the game like the rest of us.  Final score, 26-10 Lions.

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Steelers v Bucs: L

I was really rooting for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bucs to win. I wanted to see some drama as the coaching staff would have had a decision to make, after Jameis came off of his suspension. But the Steelers needed a win, and they were able to finally win a close one, having lost and tied their other close games this year. But even in their loss, I think Tampa may still have to contemplate putting Jameis Winston back in the starting spot. Tampa fan’s could not have predicted getting through Jameis’ suspension 3-1. Now that is a victory, considering. Final score, 30-27 Steelers.

Final verdict: 6-8 is how I faired with Week 3’s picks. Definitely not a winning week for me. But hopefully I can make it up next week.

How did you (and your team) do?




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