Let’s kick this week off with a NFL South game. This is an important game for both teams. The Falcons and the Saints are coming into this one 1-1, and off of wins. You can bet each team is going to want to keep the streak going. And the best way is to get one over a division rival. This is going to be a good game in Atlanta. Atlanta’s running game put one on the Panthers, and controlled the clock. I expect them to do the same against the Saints, while opening up the passing game to take their shots down field. I like Atlanta in this one.

Denver will be heading to Baltimore hoping to continue their winning streak. Case Keenum has been lighting it up in the passing game, and the Ravens D is not the D of the past. Still, I expect the Ravens to bow up on D and slow down that passing game. The question will be if they can do enough on offense. I think not, I’m taking Denver to continue their streak, despite this one being in Baltimore.

The battle of the cats, the Bengals go to Carolina to continue their win streak. Cincin is feeling mighty good right now, and it is well deserved. Andy Dalton have thrown for over 500 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2 weeks. A.J. Green is having a good year as one of the go to targets. Andy Dalton has been doing a great job spreading the ball around, and this is going to continue to open op opportunities for the Offense.

For Carolina, I am loving what Christian McCaffrey has been doing in the running game. He has really stepped up this year. But Carolina is going to need more people to step up as well. Devin Funchess is going to have to be more reliable and catch the football. Right now he has been shown to drop the ball in key situations, and this is not helping with Cam’s confidence in him. Carolina is going to need another person to help carry the load with Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey on offense. Greg Olsen is still out with a foot injury, so he will not be contributing.

Again, my heart wants to go with Carolina for my brother. I just can’t see it. I do not have faith that Devin or the other receivers will step up for the team. We know Cincinnati will be bringing their passing game, but how about Carolina. I think Carolina will try and control the clock, but it will not be enough. I got Cincinnati in this one.

Giants and Texans, someone has to get a win. This was not how either team was looking to start their season. Thankfully it is still early and time to turn things around. Houston will look to frustrate Eli Manning, pressuring him on Defense. Thankfully New York has a running game to help slow down that pass rush. I am taking New York in a close one.

Titans will travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jags. I remember long ago watching the Titans, led by Steve McNair, beat up on the Jags. At the time, the Titans were the top dogs of their division, while the Jags were in a funk. It was a fun time to be at Adelphia (now Nissan Stadium) Coliseum.

Now things have changed. Blaine Gabbert is leading the charge, while Marcus Mariota is recovering from an elbow injury. Reports have Marcus Mariota taking a majority of the reps in practice, but expecting Blaine Gabbert to start. Regardless who starts, neither is Tom Brady. And if the Jags defense managed to frustrate him, I do not have much faith in either Blaine Gabbert or a recovering Mariota. Jacksonville wins this one.

My Niners are going to Arrowhead. I remember, during the early Alex Smith years, traveling to Arrowhead to watch the game. We were in building mode with Mike Nolan at the helm. By the third quarter, Arrowhead was on fire, and every Niner fan found themselves in a sea of cheers. The fans at Arrowhead were some nice fans, and showed respect to me wearing a 49ers’ jersey. It helped (for them) that they were winning big in that game, and were piling it on both on the field and in the stands.

I feel like this again may be one of those days. Though Kansas City have the rookie quarterback, and we have the veteran Jimmy G, I feel like I would have more confidence in Mahomes over Jimmy G. Especially how we almost lost one last week at home. I am really hoping we can get our stuff together. Unfortunately, I feel this may be deja vu with the Niners losing in Arrowhead. Officially, I am not picking this game. I am hoping my Niners can prove me wrong. Go Niners!!!

Oakland will be flying across town to take on Miami in an early game. If Miami can catch Oakland still asleep, they may put this game away early. Oakland really need this win, especially now. They lost two close games, and the fans are getting anxious. Might as well make it a 3rd game, and make it a long flight home to Oakland. I am taking Miami in this one.

Thursday I was hoping to see a team go 1-1-1, and the Browns did it for me. I do not see the Vikings losing this game against the 0-2 Bills to be the second team. The Vikings’ D is for real, and their O will be able to do more than enough against the Bills at Minnesota. Vikings take the win.

Colts traveling to Philly to take on the SB champs. Andrew Luck will be battling, not only the Philly D, but the rowdy crowd as well. As far as quarterbacks, I would take Andrew Luck over Nick Foles, but for this game I expect Foles to be the victor. It’s at home, and the Eagles are still the same good team that lifted the trophy earlier this year. Eagles win this one.

Aaron Rogers travel to DC to take on Alex Smith, and the Redskins. My have things changed. Aaron Rogers waited in the green room, while Alex Smith held up a Niner’s jersey. The team Aaron dreamed about playing for decided to choose someone else. And we at San Francisco have been dealing with that decision since. Rogers had nothing given to him. He had to endure being passed over by team after team, while cameras starred at him. He go to Green Bay, where a grumpy Brett Favre had no desire to mentor him. Now, when you think about Aaron Rogers and Alex Smith, one is labeled greatness, the other game manager.

Greatness will be delivering the L to Alex Smith tomorrow. Aaron will be skipping the Fedex box, and will be delivering it personally. Green Bay takes this win on the road. Even with Aaron Rogers nursing the knee.

The battle for the heart of LA will be won by the Rams. Phillip Rivers is battling time, trying to get a SB win before the curtains close on his career, hoping to cement his legacy. He will have a tough hill to climb, and the Rams have their own legacy to build. Rams win this one. But I will be secretly rooting for the Chargers.

Bears and Cardinals in Arizona. Bears’ fans are afraid to get excited about their team. It’s like they are expecting something to go wrong. Well Chicago, you should be excited. Your defense have been playing lights out, and Mitchell Trubisky has been proving himself to be a solid pick. Yes, I know you guys are wanting your running game to pick it up a little. I think we will start to see some of that this week. The Bears will win this one, and give fans a little more confidence in what they are doing in Chi-town.

Dallas will be battling the 12th man. Seattle is not looking good right now, and teams are taking advantage. Dallas’ D will be looking to keep Russell Wilson contained, and control the clock on the ground. The 12th man will definitely be looking to play a role tomorrow. The crowd will cause problems for that Dallas O-line. I think Dallas will be able to hang in the game, but Seattle wins this one. The victor will go to the 12th man.

Sunday Night Football will be in Detroit. Tom Brady will be looking to take out his frustrations on that Detroit Lions’ defense. And I expect he will. The Lion’s defense will try and get after Brady, but to no avail. New England takes down Detroit on the national spotlight.

Tampa is looking really good. Meanwhile, the Steelers are looking kind of…..not themselves. Pittsburgh will be hoping to change that at Tampa Bay Monday. I’m really liking Ryan Fitzpatrick. The career backup is having a dream season right now. Expecting to ride the bench, Jameis Winston’s off the field troubles have given Fitzpatrick time to shine. Various Tampa Bay teammates have bought into Ryan Fitzpatrick, and if he manages to win Monday night, the coaching staff may have a problem. They are going to have a hard time trying to bench Fitzpatrick once Winston’s suspension is up. I am taking the Buccaneers to win Monday, and make things hard on the coaching staff.


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