Week 2 is where some teams can jump out ahead early, and establish themselves on the direction they are planning on going. We have some key match ups happening that can decide playoff implications.

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   Carolina heads to Atlanta hoping to snag one on the road. Carolina is coming off of their opening win against the Cowboys, while Atlanta is looking to avoid going 0-2. At home, Atlanta will be testing the secondary of Carolina with their receiving corps. Cam Newton and the Carolina offense are going to have to wear down that Atlanta defense and keep the ball out of Matt Ryan’s hands. This game will come down to whether Carolina can shut down Atlanta’s passing game. An Atlanta team who had a few extra days to think about their opening loss to the Eagles. Sorry little bro, my heart is with the Panthers, but my brain says Atlanta takes this one at home.

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   Minnesota heads to Green Bay. Both teams came off of wins, with Green Bay going epic with it. Aaron Rogers will be playing with a limp against the Viking’s defense. If the offensive line of Green Bay can keep Aaron Rogers protected, this will be another win for the Packers. Given Minnesota’s defense allowed the 49ers to hang in the game, despite multiple turnovers, I don’t think they will be able to contain Aaron Rogers. I am taking Green Bay at home.

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   Miami and New York, a game that could come into play at the end of the year, will take stage in New York. Both teams came off of wins, with Sam Darnold looking impressive in his first start. The rookie will be looking to score his first win at home. I don’t think that will happen. Miami upsets the New York Jets.

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      The Superbowl champs travel to Tampa for a week 2 match up of undefeated teams. Tampa just destroyed their division rivals, the Saints, but Philly had a few extra days to rest. With Tampa giving up so many points to the Saints, I expect Philly to take advantage of this. I don’t think this game will be as high scoring, and I am not ready to put my faith in Nick Foles to go from career backup to full time starter. I’m taking Tampa Bay at home.

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    Detroit at San Francisco will see two 0-1 teams looking to get their first win. I have a bias being a niner fan, so I will not make a prediction. Instead, I will just say that my niners will need to get this win to keep the faithful confident we are going in the right direction. Last week was sloppy all around. Yes, Jimmy G made some great throws. But he also forced some things. I’m hoping we clean up that communication between QB and WR for this game. Go Niners!!!


   Oakland is traveling to Denver to try and get a win for John Gruden. Oakland actually looked good in the first half against the Rams. But the second half got away from them. With talk surrounding John Gruden calling out his QB, questions will be asked if things backfire. Add in that, and the Khalil Mack trade, and the mutiny may be imminent. They say winning cures all, unfortunately it will not happen this week, I got Denver at home.

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     The big game tomorrow will be in Jacksonville, as the Pats take on the Jags. A lot of talk from Jalen Ramsey brought attention to this game. I think this will end up being a good match up and an exciting game. But New England has one of the greatest strategist at head coach, and I think that will be the difference in this game. New England takes this one.

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   To wrap things up, the Sunday night game I am taking Dallas over the New York Giants. And Chicago over Seattle on Monday night.

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