For the cord cutters out there with Verizon service, you may soon be able to get Youtube TV at a sweet discount.

Verizon and Google have been getting along as of late as Verizon has been the exclusive carrier partner for the Pixel phones. But the largest carrier has now struck a deal with Google to bring Youtube TV to Verizon customers has part of a bundle.

Verizon’s partnership with Google and YouTube TV will allow Verizon wireless mobility customers to stream their favorite content via YouTube TV on the largest, most reliable network, wireless 5G home customers to add premium content from YouTube TV to their internet bundle on a national scale, and Fios broadband customers to choose from even more options when it comes to content and services. Verizon will also offer unique, high-value YouTube TV promotions to customers across platforms.  (Verizon)

With 5G being the focus for Verizon, adding Youtube TV will help fill the gap left by their fledgling Fios TV, and help with being able to provide a more attractive bundle package for customers.

For Google this means more subscribers for their streaming TV service. Google have been steadily climbing up the ranks with their popular service that has been a part of movement to pull away from cable television. At their previous price of $35, it was at a sweet deal that gave cord cutters the tools to make cutting the cord even easier. But as of late customers have not been too thrilled about the recent price increase. This deal with Verizon could help offset any loss of customers due to the recent price hike.


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