There are people in both camps, those that believe in cases and those that do not. There have been arguments on both sides and at the end of the day the choice is up to the consumer.

I choose to case because I do not have the money to buy another phone or am wanting to use it to pay for repairs. Yes I have heard the arguments out there about it changing the “feel” of the phone, and that you miss out on what the engineers created. I hear those arguments but for me that sound is drowned out by my phone dropping and the shattering of the glass display and/or back.

I am one who will drop my phone at the weirdest times and on the weirdest surfaces. And knowing that, I found it best for me to protect my purchase with a glass screen protector and a solid case. Both have come in handy when I have dropped my phone while on top of belt loaders while changing engine components.

I have seen people drop phones from the tail height of airplanes and saw the protected phone come out with just a broken case and the unprotected phone come out destroyed.

So to the question of whether to case or not to case is really on the user. If you know you work in a harsh environment or are prone to phone drops, whether it be because of you or your kids handling your phone, then it may be wise to case it. If you are mainly in an office environment where the likelihood of dropping your phone is slim to none, and when you do drop it your phone will land on carpet, then you may fair well going uncased. At the end of the day only you know which camp you need to be in.

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