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   In a previous article (Is Samsung’s dominance a good thing or a bad thing for Android users) I criticized Google for not leading the industry in innovative hardware. Though I still feel as if Google could be dominating the hardware game, their current game plan could be straight from the Cupertino playbook.

Apple had been known for having some of the smoothest software experience in a phone. As android manufacturers looked to compete with Apple’s iPhone experience they constantly threw hardware at the equation. More RAM, more processing power, larger battery capacity, were some of the ways android manufacturers used to compete with the powerhouse of the iPhone. Meanwhile Apple continued to remain competitive because of their superior software optimization. Yeah many would argue that Apple’s multitasking ability have never been up to par with that of Android. But customers continued to gravitate towards the iPhone because “it just worked”.

Over the years Google watched as the iPhone continued to command the numbers even though they were last to many of the software and hardware trends. And they kept doing it the same way every time and that was through software. And as we look at the latest Pixel phones, like the iPhone they don’t have some of the hardware innovations of that of Samsung. But where they are shining is in the software department. Battery life, speed, smooth experience are all the examples of emphasis being placed on software experience and optimization. You won’t find a smoother android experience than what you will get on the Pixel phones. This is where Apple shines and where Google is now doing the same. Yeah Samsung commercially will continue to be the top selling phone thanks to the bells and whistles. But if you want a phone built to last versus designed to last you until the next year’s evolution, then turn your eyes to the Pixel. Google’s lesson learned from years of studying the iPhone.

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