Google’s Pixel 4 may add something to the spec sheet that will get fans a little excited. An upgrade to the display tech to put it at a flagship level.

It looks like Google may be ready to follow in the footsteps of One Plus and Samsung. Starting with the Pixel 4 Google will be adding a 90Hz refresh rate to the display. This is key as that refresh rate helps with keeping the display feeling smooth. Something that started with the Razr a few years ago is making its way to more phones. And we expect Apple to adopt the tech in next year’s phone.

We already heard about them bumping things up to 6 GB of Ram, but my I wish they would just go ahead and make it 8. That said, I am starting to have more confidence in the Pixel 4. This could be Google lulling me to sleep to get me hyped up about their upcoming phone. But despite all my months of complaining about Google, I am now back in line ready to buy this thing. I just hope Google doesn’t let me down again. 3 years of Pixel phones had something that kept it from reaching its full potential. With the Pixel 2 (potentially) being the best of the Pixel phones. I hope Google really gets it right this time.

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