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   DC has been getting a lot of flack while Marvel a lot of praise and understandably so. Marvel just put out back to back hits in Black Panther and Infinity War (2.6 billion combined at the time of this post). Meanwhile Justice League, which has the more recognizable heroes, couldn’t even crack half a billion. So it is safe to say Marvel is just clicking while DC has been on a downward slope since the Christopher Nolan Batman films.

But even Marvel has had a slip up and their slip up is known as the Inhumans. Introduced in the show Agents of Shield, Inhumans was going to test releasing a tv show in theaters. Not a bad idea considering the excitement with both the Marvel movies and tv shows. Their Netflix shows was still riding high thanks to Punisher. The tv show Agents of Shield got a boost thanks to Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. So why not try and see if people would bite on the bait.

Inhumans was so bad that they had announced it would not get another season before the first season had even ended. Collecting slightly over 1.5 million at box offices and 2 million viewers for the season finale with a .5 TV rating. Needless to say no one cared about the inhumans. In fact it’s as if the show never happened as people have forgotten it even existed. This actually may be in the benefit of Marvel considering how poor it performed.


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