One Plus slowly continue to strive to become more relevant in the smartphone landscape among your average users.

Ever since One Plus came on to the scene 5 years ago, they have been trying to compete with the top players. Their game plan was to bring a flagship level phone that was lower than the flagship level prices. They had their ups and downs over the years. But they continued to slowly make a name for themselves. And they did it through grassroots marketing. Creating a community that will basically advertise for them. Which will allow them to keep their phones at the prices they were at.

But all that grassroots stuff can only get One Plus so far. They needed a presence among the American flagship carriers. And they managed to get their break last year with the One Plus 6t through TMobile. A phone that was arguably one of the best phones of that year.

One Plus is continuing to expand to more carriers as they add the One Plus 7 Pro 5G as being available for purchase at select Sprint store. The One Plus 7 Pro is looking to take the title for one of the best phones, if not “the best”, of this year. And as someone currently using the One Plus 7 Pro to write this article I can attest to how awesome of a phone this is.

I’m rooting for One Plus to continue having success as they managed to provide customers phones that are competing with the big boys at half the price. Hopeful more people get the chance to jump on board the One Plus train as One Plus expand to more carriers.

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