For a lot of people Covid has wrecked their lives in a number of ways. It wrecked people’s health, goals, careers, and livelihood. But as I look at what I felt Covid has taken from me I am forced to come to grips with reality. And that reality is that Covid, in itself, is not to blame, but instead Covid exposed weaknesses that were already there.

When we look back at 2020 and the rough year that came with it, from the political unrest, the loss of loved ones, people losing their jobs, and more. The ramifications of 2020 can have an effect for years, even decades to come. But let’s be honest. For many of us, we were forced to take a deeper look at our lives. For those that lost jobs, it made us realize all the boats, cars, phones, tvs, and toys meant nothing. If we had bought a few less toys and pocket the savings would we have been in a better place?

I know for myself, as the reason I am writing this article, it exposed the failings in some of my life choices. Though I did decent in having a savings, I found myself wondering how I lost my gains. Gains, in all the work I put in at the gym to lose the weight I did pre-Covid. And as I step on the scale and look at all the progress gone I want to yell “If it wasn’t for COVID”. 

But even I am having to look in the mirror and face the facts. The fact that before Covid I had celebrated my gains by enjoying a few nights in LA. Following that I allowed little habits to slip back into my diet. But because I was working out twice a day, it was not having as much of an impact that it did when I could not work out like before. Add to that the once a week snack became a once a meal thing. The daily meal prep and food logging turned into once a week and me logging in my head. Covid exposed the fallacies coming to a head. And I was forced to ask myself, “Did Covid cause this or would this have happened eventually?”

As we try and get back to normal with stores and travel opening back up, sports arenas filling with fans, theater chains opening up, and life starting to feel…..normal. We are left picking up the pieces and working to get back what we lost during the year of Covid. And as we get back to the “normal” in ourselves, a few takeaways. First, learn from what the year of Covid exposed in our lives. Be nicer to people, have a little empathy for what people are going through or may have lost, enjoy life more abundantly, build up an emergency fund and work to get out of debt, really look at the truth of what led you to where you are at. Whether it be weight gain, financial hardship, or even family issues, those are the end results. Look truly at what led to those. And find ways to work on that. 

The year of Covid can either be the wake-up call that causes us to change our lives around or it can be the catalyst to continue down further to a road of destruction. It is up to us how we respond to this going forward.

Join me as we travel the road to recovery. I pray I am able to use and chronicle that recovery to provide inspiration and encouragement by opening up my life and being transparent to me getting back to the winning. Every day I am granted by the Creator to grace this planet is a day I hope to use to honor that appreciation for life in giving my all to being a motivating factor to those looking for motivation. And being a grace of reality for those needing that as well. So, though this is a tech site, I will be posting my daily work and meals.

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