One Plus is continuously winning me over. Ever since the One Plus 6t, I have found myself paying attention to “Never Settle”. And though their concept device was just a demonstration, I am excited about what they are trying to do.

The One Plus Concept was basically a One Plus 7 Pro modified with a glass panel that is able to hide the cameras. Basically, the way it works is it uses electric currents to adjust the shade of the glass to darken the panel. Once dark it hides the camera sensors, but can quickly turn back clear in the time it takes you to launch the camera app (basically in a few seconds). This concept is based on the moon roofs on the McLaren. It makes sense as McLaren helped them with it.

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 16.33.38

But before you get excited this is just a concept that is years away from reaching the hands of customers. This was done for the sole purpose of getting people talking about them, and honestly, it worked. Because of this their continuing trajectory with their phones I find myself looking forward to One Plus phones versus Pixel phones. Where #team Pixel seems to keep finding ways to underwhelm customers by not even keeping up with the trends with Android phones, One Plus has been finding ways to push the envelope. Faster write speed, warp charging, competitive pricing with competitive specs, One Plus phones are definitely something worth looking in to.

I can not wait to see what this year’s One Plus phone turns out to become.


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