Welcome to the weekend round-up where I cover stories and articles arranging from tech, tv, and maybe even a little bit of sports. So let get started.

I want to kick off the show saying thank you to all who have been tuning into my YT channel. Thanks to you guys this has been the most viewed video for me this month. I started last week talking about my issues with Google Stadia and my renewed appreciation for GeForce Now.  But I could not imagine that I would release it just before GeForce Now exited beta and now available for anyone to download and try. I have since fixed my Stadia issues, thanks to the comments and awesome Stadia Discord community, and went back to compare GeForce Now with Stadia again.

I came away feeling like GeForce Now still retains the edge because of Steam and having more games. But Stadia had a better user interface and faster time to be able to go from picking up the controller to actually getting a game launched. Now I do need to note that my video had a strong blue hue to it. That was due to recording on my phone, as I did not have a computer set up for recording gameplay. Nevertheless, I enjoyed getting a chance to see how cloud gaming is becoming the future of gaming.

On to some Razr Talk

Some of my favorite reviews have gotten their hand on the new Razr and I am just enjoying watching them dig through them. I particularly enjoyed seeing JerryRig’s durability test, which I will link below. I will say the hinge did better than I thought and as long as you don’t sit on it while open it looks as if you will be fine.

Birds of Prey

So this will be my H8 spoiler review of the new Harley Quinn movie. So I went in there not expecting much being I really was not impressed by the trailers. But I have to say it was a fun movie. A masterpiece, no. But a movie that you can just sit down and enjoy. Noe fans of the Batman mythos may take issue with how they portrayed certain characters. But I think everyone else will be able to watch it and enjoy. Is this a movie needing to go rush out and see, no, but is something that if watching on TV or streaming service will equate to a good time.

Birds of Prey ended up coming in 1st cashing in on the weekend box office this weekend with 33 million domestically and 81 million worldwide.


Did you check out the XFL?

My brother asked me the other day if I was watching the XFL. Now, to be honest, I did have it in the background while I was editing a YT video, but I really did not care about it. I could have easily replaced the XFL with a basketball game or something just playing in the background. But my thought on the XFL is it really is not something that is needed. About the time the NFL has kicked off the last game folks are about done with football for a bit. For one, if you are a family man the family is ready to have you spend that time with them.


The other big issue is that I do not think fans are really wanting to care about a minor league football league. The reason being is for most of us College Football is our minor league football. I understand why players may want it as it will give undrafted players a second chance to show what they have. But the fact of the matter is that the NFL season is over and people are ready to move on to March Madness and eventually the draft. But hey, I could be wrong and the XFL may end up being a hit.

Samsung’s big day is only days away

We are just days away from Samsung making the S20 and Galaxy Z Flip official. With everything we already know about the devices, we are just waiting to be able to get our hands on them. And interested in seeing the response from the other phone manufacturers.


Thanks for checking out this weekly roundup and have an awesome work week.

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