This has been a huge week in both tech and entertainment. So much has happened from the Galaxy Fold being pulled, Endgame, and just so much to talk about. In my podcast yesterday, I said I would not talk about Endgame for at least a month or two, but a movie this big can’t be held that long. When I get to my endgame discussion I will try and hold off all spoiler talk, but will wrap it in “Spoiler Alert” for those who may not want anything about Endgame talked about or spoiled.

Let’s kick this off with Samsung. For those unaware, Samsung has pulled the Galaxy Fold to allow for further testing and improvements. The new date of release has been rumored to be as late as the middle of June. Despite the phone being pulled, I still see this being the beginning of the next evolution of tablets and phones. And unfortunately when you strive to be first, you are the first to encounter all the issues along the road that others after you are able to navigate around and avoid. As much as we are wanting to see bleeding edge tech, we have to be patient in the process.

Cord cutters will have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. For starters, those that are Verizon customers may be able to bundle and save when subscribed to Youtube TV. Arguably the most popular live tv service, will be partnering with the nation’s largest carrier. This deal could bring more subscribers to Youtube TV, while allowing Verizon to have a replacement for their failed FiosTV service. The other thing cord cutters will be looking forward to is who will be getting the exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket. With the Sunday ticket deal being up for renewal, the company that acquires those rights could shape the direction of sports fans for the coming future.

Amazon Prime members may be getting a treat in the form of free one day shipping. Subscribers have been seeing their costs increase and have been wanting something to justify those costs. But with the ability to now get shipping in a day, this may be a big win for a number of customers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 9.11.52 AM

Now to a little Endgame talk so stop here if you do not want anything (potentially spoiled).


This weekend was full of events. The NFL had their Draft in the Music City, Gotham had their finale where Batman finally made his appearance, for fans of the Youtube show Cobra Kai, season 2 was available for viewing, but all that could not stand up to the biggest of them all, Endgame. This movie was so big that it will break the box office record for weekend movie gross. And going to theaters you could just see how big this movie was. Finding parking, that along tickets, proved to be a challenge as theaters were crowded all around the nation to see this movie. And in anticipation for the hype, theaters had screenings around the clock and still acquiring tickets proved to be a challenge for some. But all that was worth it for the climax 10 years in the making.

This movie was epic and provided the conclusion fans have been wanting since the universe kicked off 10 years ago. But what makes this movie great is that it wasn’t just an awesome comic book movie, it was an awesome movie overall. It captured the drama of loss, and you feel for every single character in the franchise. When something happens in this movie you feel it, and I literally heard sniffles and sobs throughout the the theater. This is how a movie earns the emotional payoff versus trying to force one (yes this is a jab at you DC). Throughout this movie there are moments where you feel for these characters and at a certain part of this movie you just cheer. I heard that the closest thing that we have had to an epic story in cinema is Star Wars, and this movie managed to do that even better. Endgame will go down as one of the best movies ever, and this is a kudos to the outstanding job done by everyone involved.

This has been one epic weekend that will conclude with Game of Thrones tonight. Monday morning the water coolers are going to be full of people trying to unpack all of this. Good luck to getting any work done then.

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