Today’s Podcast I waffle back and forth on my thoughts on the Pixel 4 thanks to the latest Pixel 4 video:

Google gets slapped for targeting ads in YT Kids, are they really doing anything different from the commercials that aired back in the day.

Nokia gets a kudos from me for updating 90% of their phones to P. I talk about why it is so hard to keep phones updated and if we will see any changes from the big boys.

Android 10 Queen Cake is official. Should you care about this update?

Lastly, will IOT usher in safer communities or a “Police” state?

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The neXup is dedicated to talking about the latest in Android and tech. The tech being other tech news relevant to what is trending. This channel strives to take the latest tech bits and break it down so even the novice of tech fans can grasp what is going on.

A decade ago I transitioned from the iPhone 3Gs to the Motorola Droid. And at that time I found myself lost to this new platform. Already being someone needing help to do the simplest of things with the iPhone, I found myself behind the learning curve with the Droid. And this was during a period where it felt like every forum “how to” post was about a page long full of terminology that made it even harder for me to follow. I had said then that if I ever figured this out I would do my best to find a way to make sure that I make things easier for the next person. Throughout the years as I found myself getting finally understanding the platform, I would help others as part of a forum tech support group. That eventually led me down the path I am on now where I have a platform to talk about the latest tech in a way that speaks to people like me before I figured out how to use this platform.

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