A few weeks back we covered some of the most influential phones of the decade. But there are a few phones that I felt may have been under-appreciated. So these are the most under-appreciated phones of the decade.

I am going to kick it off with the phone that inspired this and that is the Droid Turbo. Built during a time when this transition to glass was becoming more prominent, Motorola sought to provide a durable phone. For those who wanted to rock their phone naked but were afraid to for fear of damaging their phones or screen, this phone was built with a shatterproof screen and a durable chassis. And unlike durable phones of the past, this phone actually looked good. What may have held this phone from being a standout phone was it being a Droid. And where the Droid line was the phone to buy at the start of the decade, by this point people were over the droid line. Despite that is was successful enough to warrant a sequel. But I do not feel it got as much love as it could, had this phone been open to more carriers. I personally had hoped this would start a trend of shatterproof screens, but even in 2014, there were not enough push for this idea to stick around.

My second phone on the list is the HTC Rezound. This phone had a catchy commercial as it advertised the “beats” sound feature that was then the property of HTC. What made this phone under-appreciated is that even Verizon didn’t really give it the love it deserved. Released in between the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus and the Droid Razr, this phone was overlooked. In fact, the only reason I picked up this phone was that I kept getting frustrated with my radio issues on several Galaxy Nexus phones. And after the third exchange, I decided to try the Rezound. And to me, this phone was literally a mix of the HTC Thunderbolt done right and if the Incredible had a successor. Everything about this phone just worked, besides the battery. But I was able to buy a larger battery and get around the small HTC batteries. And thanks to a few ROMs, I was literally able to turn this into an HTC Rezound Nexus. This phone truly was “quietly brilliant”.

My last most under-appreciated phone of the decade is the Droid Incredible. There was a rumor that HTC, Google, and Verizon were trying to bring a nexus phone to Verizon. And when it all fell apart the phone was rebranded as the HTC Incredible and further rebranded to become the Droid Incredible. Though it did gain a following it never really got the kind of numbers the other android phones achieved. With it being sandwiched between the Motorola Droid and Droid X there were just not enough numbers flocking to the phone. Verizon did bring back a sequel in the HTC Incredible 4G, which was practically the Rezound.

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