All of the rumors have now been confirmed. We will be getting a notched Pixel 2XL. So people like myself who were not happy with 4 GB of RAM on the Pixel 3XL  are either going to have to live with it or skip it. With all that said lets dive into this phone shall we.



   We see this all white back as leaked a few weeks ago. Which means bye bye to a Panda backed Pixel 3XL or it may be a special edition/exclusive. Personally the frost white look is growing on me.



   On the front you have the “beloved” notch design. This looks identical to the LG ThinQ and frankly I really love the look of the phone. In fact the only thing that will keep me from buying the phone is that 4 GB of RAM. To me 4 GB of RAM is outdated considering that even companies like One Plus are able to throw in at least 6 GB of RAM for a cheaper price. This screams to me Google from the Nexus and early Pixel days. I criticized Google for rolling out a high end phone with big bezels and no waterproof priced similar to iPhones and Galaxies that had smaller bezels and/or waterproofing. If Google think I am going to spend 800+ for this phone then they are mistaken. I will gladly hold on to my Pixel 2 XL another year.



    Credit Google with throwing in some headphones this time. They look a lot like the Pixel earbuds, and if they come with the ability to translate on the fly like the Pixel earbuds then this is an awesome accessory to have thrown in. So as far as presentation and overall look of the phone Google won my heart. I personally like the pill navigation button as it has grown on me since using Google Pie on my Pixel and Pixel 2XL. I also love that they kept the front facing speakers. Personally I am good with sacrificing a little bottom chin to keep those speakers.


   Overall I would have been super excited for this phone. Money would be in hand ready to upgrade to the next Pixel. But that RAM is the deal breaker. Even if Google can optimize the software to take advantage of it I am just not feeling spending $800 on a phone that I feel like left something on the table. Just on principal alone I will take this stand because Google need to stop half stepping it. I am a Google fan but I am not a blind fan willing to take anything Google puts on the market. If it is bull then I am going to call it out and back it up with my wallet.

   So Google you need to be all in with these Pixel phones or go back to the Nexus days. Because not all of us are going to be down with spending Pixel like prices on Nexus-quality phones.



Android Police (they be doing it over there constantly dropping the latest news.)

Droid-Life (Credit them with the upload to Youtube)

Канал Лучкова <—If you have telegram then you can view that link. (Credit them for being the original source.)



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