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At a smaller price footprint more people may be willing to make drone flying a hobby

The DJI Phantom and and Mavic models are some of the best professional drones on the market. If you are looking to capture high quality photography those are the go-to for professionals in the industry. For everyone else $1000 is a very expensive toy. And big boys with big toys cry big tears when they go boom.

The reality is not a lot of people have the money to spend for a toy that can only fly for 20-40 mins on a charge. It just do not make a lot of sense. And for those who purchased a drone used, there still is this since of nervousness when it takes off from the ground. You are literally watching your money fly away. But I found a way to have as much fun, if not more, while saving on money.

A year ago I picked up a cheap little toy drone that maybe cost me $70. Threw in a few more batteries and a case for $20 more and I was set. Flying my drone at the park was a lot more fun. Yeah I had to truly fly because it lacked the fancy navigation systems, but I had a lot more fun. For one it was able to survive the crashes because of the lighter material, and I was not worried about being out of a lot of money in case it did smash into pieces.

This leads me to my point that the cheap drones are where all the fun is at. If more people are going to adopt into the drone trend then we are going to have to see some of the the lighter cheaper drones get better. At a smaller price footprint more people may be willing to make drone flying a hobby. DJI has seen this trend and has been making more smaller and cheaper drones for the market. The Spark at $350 and the Tello at $99 will entice more people to pick up a drone.

What are your thoughts about the cheaper drones?

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