Amazon can be called the retail store killer and one company they have taken a lot of business from is Best Buy. Computers, phone accessories, smart watches, and more, people go into Best Buy to test it out then purchase the items from Amazon. So why would Best Buy look to partner with Amazon, because it is a deal that works for both of them.

Amazon understands what all of us do in that people want to test out items before buying them. As a result Amazon signed a deal with Best Buy to be the exclusive retailer for Amazon Fire Smart TVs. For Amazon it will provide them more exposure for people to try out their smart TVs. With Best Buy already selling other Amazon Fire devices, it could mean for more Amazon devices in the home and more customers in the Amazon ecosystem.

Best Buy gains another smart TV to add to their extensive line up. And being the exclusive retailer forces customers wanting to buy the Amazon Fire Smart TV to come to Best Buy. Whether the person buys a Fire smart TV or not Best Buy wins. Majority of the time when a customer goes shopping for a TV they will leave with one regardless if it was the model they were shopping for.

This deal just cements the fact we will always need a brick and mortar. Online stores do not provide the ability for shoppers to try out a product before buying. Plus there are still a number of shoppers who will not buy unless it is from a retail store. They want that personal interaction to be able to ask questions and get assistance with purchase, set up, and warranty issues.

Best Buy may not always be around but box stores will. And no matter how big an online store may get they will always need a place that can facilitate devices for people to look at, operate, and be able to physically compare with other devices to help with purchase decisions.

USA Today

    1. Both. But if you want to be able to have a person to talk to go to Best Buy. If you know what you want and do not need help. You can save money by buying through Amazon.

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