I love tech. It is obvious based on me wanting to talk about it on every given opportunity. Whether it be through my blog, YT, podcast, or even social media. Give me a chance to speak and something tech-related will likely exit my mouth.

Because of the Coronavirus, millions of Christians across the nation and world are met with a situation many are not used to. We are use to this special day, Easter Sunday, being spent wearing our Easter clothes, and then going to a BBQ while where the adult fellowship and the kids go hunting for eggs. Even for those who are not regular churchgoers, this is considered the yearly tradition. And none of us could have imagined we would spend this day locked down inside trying to avoid a “plague”.  But unlike the Christians in the past, this virus will not keep people from being able to worship together. Thanks to technology, we are able to still worship across the land while still #stayinghome.

As a tech fan, I just love it when I can see tech be relied on to bring people together in such a manner. People like me. To fellow Christians, Happy Ressurection Sunday.

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