I have continually praised the One Plus 6t for being the phone I wanted my Pixel 3XL to be. The stock android look with just enough tweaks in the form of a theme manager, extra options in settings (ie gaming mode, additional choices with buttons and gestures, app locker, and more), with the extra RAM to make the UI extra smooth, is arguably the best overall phone in 2018 (if you factor in price, specs, and availability). But the one area that my One Plus 6t has been slipping up as of late has been in battery life.

Being around android for awhile, I know to look for a rogue app if I notice a sudden dip in battery life. I will go into settings to see which app is the culprit. And if that does not find the culprit, then I’ll reboot, wipe cache, and if all else fail do a factory reset. Rarely have I had to result in doing a factory reset. In fact, the last factory reset I had to do to fix battery drain was on my HTC Rezound. As android has truly improved to a point where factory resets have been very rare for me unless I flashed a ROM, or Beta.

But lately I have been noticing this battery drain, and despite me going through all of my steps above, I am still having this issue. At first I thought it could have been the game I have been playing, Street Fighter IV, but I was even noticing the dip on days I have not been playing. And this led me to Google to see if this was something trending. And surely it was.

After reading through a Reddit on the issue (thanks to being linked there by Gadget360) I realized I was not the only one suffering with this issue. There have been a number of people report having the same issues, and trying to resolve it doing similar steps that I did. Unfortunately like me, it has not been resolved. But if you go to the One Plus Forum they seem to point to Google Play Services being the culprit.

I will be trying a tip suggested by user Rao_Abdul_Hannah and report my findings in a follow up post.

Rao_Abdul_Hannan said: 
Updated to 9.0.13
Settings > Recent app management > Deep clear ( enable it)
Battery > Battery Optimization > Advanced optimization > Deep optimization ( enable it)

Besides regular techniques, Wipe system cache after any new update, cleared cache for apps showing abnormal usage.

BTW my sync is on 24 hrs too,

Settings > Recent App Management > Deep Clear


Settings > Battery >Battery Optimization > Advanced Optimization > Deep Optimization

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