About 5 years ago I decided it was time to cut the cord. I was on a mission to become debt-free, tired of giving hundreds to cable companies for channels I did not watch and wanted to cut down the number of hours I spent watching TV. When I decided to cut the cord streaming was just beginning to pick up with Netflix being well established, Kodi building up a small following, and Sling TV debuting to the market. Then I felt I was at least given a fighting chance but I did not imagine how far we would come in streaming.

Today we have a lot more choices to help us with cutting the cord. And one such source I wrote off only to realize it has grown a lot. That source would be Pluto TV. Pluto TV is a subsidiary of Viacom. Purchased literally a year ago, Viacom has really managed to load Pluto with branded channels that are loaded with enough content to satisfy the entire family. Though some of the content is dated, it compliments well with another service like Netflix, Disney Plus, or HBO Now.

If you are someone looking to cut the cord, whether it be because of budget or tired of spending hundreds on cable, Pluto TV is now becoming a good tool to have in your toolbag. Even with having to deal with ads and commercials, it is indeed worth it.

So if you are a family looking to cut the cord but have hesitated because of the fear of not having enough content for the kids or your family, fear not and definitely check out Pluto TV.

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