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   Android may have become King of phones but they cannot seem to figure out the tablet game. Since the Motorola Xoom with Honeycomb, Google and Android manufacturers have tried everything to figure this tablet game out. We had a mad rush of tablets from Acer with their Iconia tablets, Asus with the detachable keyboard Transformer, and more. Perhaps the only Android manufacturer still producing tablets is Samsung, which is still far from being the goto for customers.

Then there was a slither of hope. Google have been having a lot of success out of their Chromebooks as of late. And with many of the newer chromebooks having a convertible feature to make it tablet like, there seemed like there may be hope yet for a better android tablet. Google was putting android apps on chromebooks and we had a few companies announce they were ready to show what a Chrome Tablet would look like. And so far it has not looked good. HP’s Chromebook is too heavy to be used as a tablet for long and at the current price I can think of better choices. And Acer’s Chrome Tab 10 is for one not available at places like Best Buy but are only able to be purchased from sites like CDW (which did such a horrible job with my order it became no longer worth the headache), and is doing poorly with reviews.

So as an android fan wanting a tablet where can we go?

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    Well there is one company continuing to dominate the tablet market despite tablets being on the decline and that is Apple. Ever since their first tablet Apple continued to improve both the hardware and software for the device. Despite the initial criticism of it being “just a giant iPhone”, it is the one tablet doing it right. A miniature version for those wanting something smaller and a plus version for those wanting more, customers can easily find an iPad to fit their needs. Oh and since Apple support their devices you will continue to get updates for years to come. The one knock I continue to have is with its lack of expandable storage, but for your tablet needs this may be the way to go.

So until Google and Android manufacturers can figure out how to make ChromeOS tablet ready and Samsung update their devices like Apple, Android customers will have to look to Apple.


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