With more and more homes adopting Smart Technology, smart bulbs and smart plugs are becoming as common as the lamp or nightstand. It is just what people are buying. And why wouldn’t people want to be able to be able to turn off a room light from your phone at work, or when coming home at night be able to tell your assistant of choice to turn on a room light?

Smart devices make life convenient and more and more are adopting them thanks to both the availabilty increasing, and the cost making it easier to buy. But what is the better buy the smart bulb or smart plug?

Smart bulbs are the bulbs that you can buy at your local box store that says “works with Google Home or Amazon Alexa”. You screw in the bulb and then with an app you can connect to the bulb and change the color, as well as turn it on and off at the sound of a command.

Smart plugs are like smart bulbs, but instead of just being able to command a light you can use it to control anything plugged in to plug. Though I personally use it for a lamp, it can be ideal for a fan, or anything that you want to be able to control on/off on the go. So which is better?

I personally find the smart plug more ideal. For one, it is longer lasting. If the bulb dies you have to get a new bulb. The other reason is I found that the plug seems to do better when it come to actually connecting to your assistant device. Now my issue may be with C by GE bulbs, but I have been unable to get it to connect to my Google Home. Which means I have to use another app to control it. And even with the app it seems like at times it takes awhile to connect, if it even connects. Because of this, I find it at times useless and even aggravating. The Smart Plug, however, works as advertised. To be fair, I am using the Kasa Smart Plug that I bought from Best Buy. And other than me not liking the Kasa interface used for scheduling when the plug turns off and on, I find it to be a reliable little plug.

Which do you prefer, the smart plug or smart bulb?

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