SPRecovery, setcpu, smoke glass theme, these are terms some know well and others haven’t a clue about. But one mod changed it all for me and it all started here:

If you go over to DroidForums right now and pull up the link I posted above you will see what seems like a graveyard of information, as most of it is obsolete. In fact the thread seems obsolete as most of the pictures and screenshots are no longer there. The developers that created Sholesmod (later rebranded Droidmod) I haven’t a clue where they are at or the people who created SPrecovery. All I know is that it changed my entire course of action.

Back in late 2009 and early 2010 Motorola and Verizon was the spotlight for many people as Droid-mania started. Despite the potential of the droid it was not fully maximized out of the box by the manufacturer. Then in December of 2009 it was reported that the Droid was rooted ( Now for those who do not understand what rooted means, it is the ability to gain administrative control over your phone so you can change the user interface. In other words, you can take a boring phone and customize it into a beast to your liking.

After it was discovered that the droid could be rooted there was a mad rush to root the phone despite not truly understanding what it meant. But in the matter of months it spawned up a movement of basement developers that would not only change the Droid but change android forever.

This mad rush brought up all kinds of things you could do with your Droid. But for some of us, myself included, the process was too fast and seemed too complicated. And unfortunately many in the community did not want to stop to help people figure it out. If you did not get it that was your fault and if you made a mistake that resulted in your phone not turning on then you were left in a panic. But then came along Sholesmod, a process made to not only help you root your droid but to be able to customize your phone from the menu. This was awesome because not only did it take some of the fear out of rooting, it brought some of the features such as the ability to change the navigation bar to a set look, which were called themes. What it also brought with it was ease.

During that period of people trying to learn how to utilize the program I remember being one to stick around the forum to help others with problems. I remember the feel of fear and worry that I would damage my phone and just wanted someone to walk me through the process. So I in turned did the same for others. This eventually spawned a tech support group that would go about teaching others and providing support for their phones. And one of my first written tutorials was this (

Thanks to the tech support group, known as the rescue squad, I not only continued to learn more and more about android, but met a lot of people via the web whom I have encountered through helping them fix their devices. This passion to teach people about their device spawned into a passion that has led me here. Here being where I am now writing on a blog talking about some of the latest news in android. If it was not for sholesmod I would not have had the courage to mod my device and would not have been here.

Though my passion for rooting has changed my love for tech hasn’t and I ask that you join me on this journey as I share my passion of tech with you. What device spawned your love of tech?

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