We are on the eve of another Unpacked event by Samsung. Like Unpacked events before, this event is to officially show the public upcoming hardware and software. And like years past, we already know basically everything to be announced before the event. Thanks to both Evan Blass and Droid-life, we have an idea of the material that will be shown. The phone and specs match up to what was put out months ago by leakers. Now that it is almost official, are the Unpacked events still worth checking out?

Though I will be at work during the event, I still look forward to seeing manufacturers, like Samsung, head to the stage with their upcoming products. These events are obviously for the press so they can publish and build up the hype for the upcoming phone release. Plus Samsung, as well as other manufacturers, reward the attendees with a few performers making it an event.


The question has to be asked is if these companies will continue to spend the amount of money they spend for an event where the information has already been released online weeks and months before?

I do believe the events will continue, but I would not be surprised if it is scaled down a bit. I know for myself I look for the videos put out by companies, like The Verge, where they cover the event in about 15 mins. They hit all the key points and the highlights. I know companies want to provide space for different departments to share what they have worked on. But this could be done in a behind the scenes way that interested parties can catch on Samsung’s Youtube channel. And saving the event as a quick unveiling. Then again if I spent the kind of money it cost to go to one of those Unpacked events (especially those traveling from a distance), I would want Samsung to make sure I get my money’s worth. So run out everyone from the back, including the janitor, to make sure this event covers the charge.


Do you still look forward to Samsung’s events, despite already knowing what they are going to present?


Credits: Droid-Life & Evan Blass


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