Like others, I voiced concerns about the Galaxy Fold after seeing a video of it having a crease. Though I was not shocked by the crease, I did voice whether the device will be able to hold up to constant folding and temperature changes.

Well Samsung released a video showing the device being folded an “extensive” amount of times to prove its durability. The 35 second video shows a number of robots opening and closing the Galaxy Fold.

Personally, that is not going to be enough for me to jump on this device early. At $2000 there is still a lot of unanswered questions for me. I want to see the software, how the crease affects the display with dark backgrounds (ie watching a movie), and the issues that people have with everyday use.

Regardless how the Fold turns out, Samsung will still get props from me for being willing to take risks with an uncharted device. They just will not be getting my money until I am confident that this device will be able to live up to the price they are asking. And really, I do not see myself paying that kind of money for a phone.


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