Samsung just concluded their Note 9 event where they announced several things. So let’s go over the highlights shall we.


   The Note 9 is official.

Nothing was announced that we did not already read about in all the leaked documents and photos. The S Pen will be a bluetooth remote that will allow you to control music, take selfies, direct slideshows, and more. With a 40 second charge the user will get 30 minutes of standby time out of the new S Pen.

Additional specs include a gorgeous 6.4 inch screen, 4000mAh battery, (up to) 512 GB of internal storage, and color options of ocean blue, metallic copper, lavender purple, and midnight black. All this at the staggering price of $1000.


   Also announced was an all new Galaxy Watch.

Starting at $329, this Tizen based watch will come in midnight black and rose gold. Samsung promises several days on a single charge, and you can purchase a wireless charging pad to charge your watch and phone at the same time.

The other minor announcements were partnerships with various companies. This will provide Note 9 users with exclusive access to Fortnite as well as other partnerships announced with Spotify.


The note 9 is a beautiful device. Everything about it screams premium. The gorgeous display, which sets it apart from every other smartphone on the market, is going to make watching videos a pleasure. The all day battery life, DEX, up to 1TB of storage (512GB internal + Samsung’s new 512GB SD Card), and the S Pen, all adds up to feel like a full packaged device. This is a phone I can recommend to someone wanting a premium device. That customer truly is getting one of the most powerful devices packed in the footprint of a phone.

As for me, the one thing that will keep me from buying this phone is the 8.1 software. Samsung continues to be an entire build behind with Android software, and to me that is going to continue to bug me. But for those of you out there who do not care about that stuff, it looks like you may be getting one awesome and powerful device.


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