We knew Samsung was going to make a showing at CES particularly to show off the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 lite. Phones designed to compete at that mid to lower end of the budget. And we practically already knew what we were going to get as far as specs, basically a mid-end processor, screen, and features to allow Samsung to sell those phones at mid-end prices. But if all you thought Samsung was going to do at CES was show off a could of mid-end phones then you were mistaken. So let’s start with some of the cool.

One of the things Samsung is known for, other than their phones, is their TVs. And at CES they showed off a line of their marvelous QLED 8K TVs. And if this was not enough to get you intrigued, they have one TV that can rotate from horizontal the vertical. Now we all can imagine all the things that can go wrong with a TV with moving parts, but lets kind of ignore that for a second. Because this is cool looking. Designed to work with Samsung health so consumers can emulate the moves on the screen, this could be a way to work its way in the homes of health conscience consumers.


Speaking of Samsung Health, GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating Systems) will pair Samsung’s VR glasses with this apparatus that attaches to the hip and can be used to stimulate activity. Done with a virtual personal trainer, this will allow consumers to scale mountains, walk underwater, or do lower body workouts from home sitting in front of the TV. But now to the craziness.



When I was watching the keynote I saw the speaker talking and commanding a ball. So I for sure thought he was trolling. But it turns out that of the devices being unveiled was an AI ball that acts as both a pet, “friend”, and personal assistant. This thing rolls to you on command using machine learning to know where the consumer is and maintain a set few feet away to prevent the person from tipping over it. It also, as you can imagine, has a built-in camera that will be capturing video. If man’s best friend doesn’t destroy it, I am sure the owner will soon grow annoyed by this yellow ball following them everywhere they go.

Samsung seems to not disappoint at CES. Between the Galaxy Chromebook, their 8K TVs, phones, and Ballie (sarcasm about the Ballie) Samsung continues to have me intrigued by their innovation.


Source: Samsung

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