One of the drawbacks to being first is that you get to (potentially) experience all the bugs and issues that come with a new device. We saw this last fall with the Google Pixel 2XL with “blue tint gate” and “ghost gate”. Despite some posts from people calling it one of the worst issues ever, Google eventually got it cleaned up and we got the warranty extended in the process.

  Well it looks like Samsung is currently dealing with their own QA issues with the S9 an S9+ as customers have reported problems with the screen not responding to touch inputs. People have reported their issues on various sites and some users have been able to correct this by adjusting the touchscreen sensitivity, while others saw that a FDR (factory data reset) solved the problem. Samsung is aware of the issue and will likely kick out an update if this is software related.

  For those experiencing problems do not hesitate to make Samsung and others in the community aware of it. Just with many device releases we will likely see this diminish by the second and third batch, as well as with a few maintenance updates.

  If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ check your phone to make sure everything is in working order. And if you are one experiencing any issues be sure to contact Samsung and (or) your carrier.

Source: Android Police

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