Slated to be one of the biggest shopping days for Amazon, Prime day was geared up to take order after order. With deals ranging on everything from electronics, clothing, appliances, and more. People held off on ordering things from Amazon the week of so they could see if the item they was going to buy would be discounted.

So the day is here, July 16th 2018. People are waiting for the go to start ordering stuff. What could go wrong?

People started ordering items only to receive several error messages. Amazon did not have enough servers to handle all of the people storming the sites. Articles and news stories went up talking about the failure of Prime Day. All the hype and eyes were staring at Amazon and it was looking like a failure. Minutes had to have felt like seconds as everyone was scrambling to get things resolved.


   Amazon immediately stopped international traffic to free up space, as well as put out a cleaned up home page. After that they added more servers to help with the traffic load and despite all the issues Amazon projected that losses were minimum.

I for one did run into an issue when I ordered my item. But by the time I went to refresh it was resolved and my Blink XT camera arrived in 2 days. So despite all of the hiccups, Amazon deserve kudos for being able to overcome the obstacle and still serve orders.

How did things go for you on Prime Day?

Source: CNBC

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