With the push for the next dominant streaming and cable service ongoing, it seems like any and everyone was trying to throw their hat in the ring. And one such company is deciding to call it quits.

Sony will be ending its Playstation Vue services at the end of next month. This means if you are someone using the service you will have to go elsewhere. The time I did use Playstation Vue I felt it had potential. It had the channels that I felt were a nice foundation to build upon. It’s just for me my choice ended up being Youtube TV. But with Playstation Vue losing channels it was a matter of time before they would not have enough to keep subscribers subscribed.

With more people cutting the cord and looking for ways to still watch shows, we will see this ever-increasing competition to gain subscribers. And in this battle will be winners and losers. And so far the companies winning are the ones that can provide the content at a price that customers are willing to pay.

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