With all this hype and excitement over these folding phones, I find myself begging for one made by Google. It’s no secret I am a Google fanboy, though I have been very critical of them as of late. But as much as I am wanting to see Google’s take on the folding phone, I think they may need to leave Chrome out of this one.

Android tablets are dead, but Chromebooks are alive and kicking. So the thought was that Google could make a comeback if they focused tablets around Chrome OS. Well we got that last year and it is clear that Google still have some work to do. The software just need more time to develop, and I believe the issue continues to be with Android being integrated into Chrome OS.

But where Chrome OS is still needing some work, Google’s android software is almost immaculate. The main appeal of the Pixel phones continue to be how smooth Android continues to perform. There are no slow downs, or need to reboot, the software just performs. So with all of these companies going to folding phones, Google is tasked with providing the software experience that will allow the device to perform as flawless as both the manufacturer and the customer intends. And Google, I believe, can handle the task. And what better way to show the industry how a folding phone can perform, other than putting out a reference device.

This is the device the android community can’t wait to see. And Google is going to want to provide the solution for a better tablet experience. And this solution can not include Chrome OS, at least until they get it right.

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So with Google being tasked with creating the playground for these new devices to play on, this could open the door for Google to finally get the Android tablet experience right. And frankly, this is what I am hoping on. But then again, maybe the solution is to not focus so much on making a great tablet experience, and continue making a great android experience?

What are your thoughts on what Google will need to do to get the experience right for these folding phones?

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