Yesterday Google put out a Youtube video of what looks like two new features. The first feature will be facial recognition (more secure than the face unlock they introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich) and gesture recognition. Thanks to a few images that popped up online we get to see what we will be working with. As shown below, the phone will have two face unlock IR cameras, a front facing camera, audio port, soli radar chip, face unlock dot projector, and a face unlock flood illuminator. With all this tech does this change the way you feel about the Pixel 4?

Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 14.49.29.png

I personally am feeling a little easier about the extra bezels. Google is taking the space to try and do something a little different. But I am hoping they are able to do a better job, especially with gestures, than what LG was able to do. If Google is able to make the technology work, this may be something to write home about.

I personally have been very critical of Google’s hardware as of late, hoping they will be able to reach back into their past and become the trendsetters again. Hardware-wise Google has been a trend chaser, and this resulted in hardware that has been lacking. So here is to hoping that Google proves me wrong and the Pixel 4 end up being one of the top phones of 2019. Google has the potential and history of being able to put out some game-changing hardware. I just hope they also put the needed hardware in this phone to make sure it runs smooth and have enough storage to justify its price.

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